Homeland – 5×05 Better Call Saul – Review by R.


"Better Call Saul", This is the title of the fifth episode of Homeland, title that can refer to two things: one side l ’ attempt to contact Saul Berenson, from ’ more the AMC series spinoff of Breaking Bad. Luckily l ’ ’ Walter White lawyer there has nothing to do.

The episode revolves around a unknowing Saul, the true focal point of the plan he sees Allison pull the reins along with Russians. Storyline seemingly separate are actually interconnected. The stolen documents to the CIA are of primary interest for the Russians, arranged for their content to kill not only the unwary who may dare to blackmail, but also our Carrie. The chat between Allison and Russian Ivan we discover the involvement of both in ’ deception against Quinn, While Mathison understands that the real reason behind his attempted assassination was preventing him to see certain content of those documents. Last login:: Allison and the Russians are involved in ’ dell ’ Syrian Commander plane explosion and want to blame on Saul to put him against Dar Adal. A minute after ’ else we put together all the pieces of the puzzle, from the point of view of Ivan and Carr is proceeding to perfection. Beyond the nature of the relationship between them, Allison does not seem particularly enthusiastic about dell ’ operation that is taking part, does not see l ’ now that it's over and can not stand the sight of Carrie died; We still don't know the personal motivations behind its double game, but it is a complex character, that will give us more surprises. And has already snatched a smile: There came a spontaneous "Here!"when she refused to spend the night with Saul on the pretext of working late?


Carrie discovers l ’ ’ identity of the man who tried to kill Quinn thanks to ’ help Astrid and what until yesterday was a triangle, it becomes a square. Despite the recent pullback, the German still has a soft spot for Peter and is willing to put himself in an awkward position with his superior just to help him. The same applies also to Jonas, called by Carrie because of poor Quinn. With a difference though. Astrid makes its contribution without complaint, While the ’ Attorney does nothing, blames the Mathison for not having more show up if not now having problems and he keeps saying he doesn't want to be involved. Carrie isn't the best girlfriend in the world and this is clear. We pass on the facts of the hut – where it is true that the ’ has left because worried about son, But first she judged heavily – however if Carrie is in trouble for stolen files, There is over because it's a troublemaker, but for the involvement of the Foundation Düring in the dissemination of those documents and primarily for ’ meeting, endorsed by the same Jonas, between Carrie and Laura in premiere. Protests aside, Jonas brings you need to cure Peter and remains to be his babysitter; Unfortunately it is all in vain.

To put a strain on our hearts, the wound of Quinn worsens, bleeding in quantity and the fever. L ’ only solution would take him to the hospital, option that Peter doesn't even want to hear mention because it would risk Carrie: both should be dead and a man wounded by a firearm and ’ without identity does not pass as a patient any. L ’ ’ man does not disappoint even heroism of this time, is willing to die for his Carrie with a brief expulsion of Jonas to leave. Ora, Quinn doesn't stand up, bleeds profusely, how the heck could ever do Street? For Jonas miles apparently, don't think for a second to look around, to look for traces of blood, goes straight to ’ out of the store and the Street outside l, a further confirmation of how ’ is not worthy of Carrie Mathison. Peter wants to die in such a way as to look like a murder victim professionals, so it would seem that the one who hurt, He actually accomplished the task. Binds his wrists before putting them in water, but he is interrupted by a man who claims to have been sent by God to save it; What that also does a few minutes later when Quinn tries to let himself die in a dumpster. For the moment we can be grateful to this stranger for saving Peter, but expect to see it as a godsend.


Carrie Meanwhile, take advantage of the event masquerade organised by Numan vs ’ Russian Embassy to talk Laura. At least on that occasion this ’ last is useful with the suggestion that the documents now in the hands of the Russians, I'm still in the availability of CIA: who better than an old friend to access them? Here's the call to Saul comes in., not really a call, but the fact is that the ’ episode ends with Berenson and Mathison on the same cab. Don't know though that l ’ man is controlled by the order of Allison and Dar Adal, What that might jeopardize the coverage of Carrie.

Putting together the pieces it wasn't easy, Sometimes it was better to accept the conclusion reached by the characters without trying to understand the various steps. Now, however, the picture begins to clear up and Carrie and Saul must be able to work together to ensure that it becomes more complete. Meanwhile, we too can overcome a doubt arose with the ’ image of Saul sleeping with Allison: Mira has filed for divorce. News that until two years ago I would not surprise, but after the fourth season leaves me puzzled; If the woman has reached a final rupture, It may be that Saul has changed more than we think?


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