Homeland – 5×06 Parabiosis – Review by R.


Arrived mid season Carrie is forced to pause, While the other characters take their places on what will be the scenario to come.

First and foremost Saul Berenson, in a flurry of negative events that it's hard not to be pleased; especially after the initial scene with Carrie. The Mathison asks his help to access documents of the CIA, tells him he want her dead and that Quinn was killed. It is obviously desperate, It would be enough that wig to confirm, Yet the answer to Saul is a childish means mocking smile. I remain stunned that Carrie opposite that brazen face! Berenson barely wants to look her in the eye, You Dodge and s ’ annoys me facing the truth that his former protegee he reels off before; do not take even a moment to reflect on the words of the woman, It is related closely to finger the whammy of months ago happened off screen, scratching which clearly reduced blood supply to the brain. That "Well, You shouldn t have "’ in front of the risk incurred by the Mathison is the coup de grace, that destroys the minimum confidence that Carrie had in that we still ’ man. His selling out in the previous Season Finale, l ’ hatred of the premiere and the power games that you are so fond of didn ’ had completely scratched, We never really believed that he wanted to kill Carrie, but in the face of this reaction, If we did not know of the responsibility of the Russians, It is legitimate to think that would be capable of anything.


That's why the chaos in which ends the next morning is welcome. Carrie put a flea in the ear ’ is stalked by his own agency and telling him so Saul Notice all those details that before the escaped. D ’ indeed still the same car, always the same men, well to me it would have been born the doubt. In a climate of international conspiracy, Saul is gradually sidelined by his colleagues: no access to documents, to servers, offices and last but not least, the lie detector. A ’ humiliation that Saul just do not expect and that's coming from the one to which you are sold without getting too many scruples, Dar Adal. This ’ last used Saul until he has served, but they were never the best friends who they wanted to believe in past episodes. A mistake of the past by Berenson does not allow a trusting relationship between the two and still, possible that Saul, tempered by power games, He believed that Dar would not sacrificed at the earliest opportunity? After all the excuse of the sacrifice of men for a larger diagram is the same used by Dar to persuade Saul to pass on his side.

Hunted in its own offices, Berenson slinks away between rooms l ’ other, Retrieves and manages documents in extremis, in ways worthy of a spy-thriller, to make them have to eight. This ’ last delivers them to Carrie just before the woman leaves, saying goodbye forever to his life. The Mathison after the disappointment of Saul, must collect the about-face by Jonas. The man can't stand the life led by companion and is still pretty naïve about it, How can thinking that she can go home pretty quiet with him and ask for help to the authorities? Sola, Carrie surrenders, is ready to erase every memory of his life, Frannie including, and to hide forever. Thankfully Eight proves reliable and with Saul redeemed, the Mathison has allies you can rely on.


Among the latter we can continue to include Quinn, that every week there anxious to then survive stronger than before. If l ’ man who has rescued has only good intentions, cannot be said just as his housemates, you just added a suspected terrorist released from prison thanks to the ’ article by Laura. My tolerance level towards her is already very low, let alone now that he indirectly threatened Peter! But Quinn is invincible, the John Cena of Homeland! If John with a broken nose he beat Seth Rollins, Peter injured alongside lethally affects the throat that alleged terrorist from tonnage not indifferent.

We'll see how and when you meet Carrie, now, however, the trio of the past is back on the same side of the fence and it is time to find out what the Russians and especially Allison Carr. But never underestimate Dar Adal.


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