Homeland – 5×07 Oriole – Review by R.


If there's one thing we learned with ’ Homeland and 24 is that we can't trust anyone. The Mole can hide behind anyone, all ’ lover, to colleague, even the President of the United States. Surprisingly, in a climate of general suspicion, Carrie and Saul trust so easily, Obviously with the traitor on duty. Not that they're not careful, take the necessary precautions, but in times of need let themselves be fooled by a supposed long-term trust.

Exactly what place in Allison Carr, a trusted colleague for many years precisely. This is the highlight of the woman, that allows her to continue undisturbed and super informed his mission. Allison is not simply a traitor who for some personal interest she started to do recently double-crossed. Allison is actually Alichka "the greatest penetration of American intelligence in fucking history. SVR or KGB ", This is the definition which gives her Ivan. As KGB agents of The Americans, Allison has peddled for a perfect American CIA agent, But behind the ’ appearance has always worked for the Russian services. for years. Isn't the newcomer or the unknown past from which we must look, like Philip and Elizabeth is the neighbor, the colleague, l ’ friend you could always rely. For years is deceiving all without the slightest Burr, so good that one day according to Ivan could become Director, "That's where you live ’, the double game "mean. And in fact in front of these results is impossible to disagree. Yet Allison is highlighting its fragile side, the one seen in the parking lot with Ivan and this time in the bathroom after Saul's confidence. See that Carrie is still alive and that Berenson did have documents on port ’ the edge of a panic attack. He recovers in a matter of seconds and exits without so much as a hair out of place, but it is evident that the weight of the double life is taking a toll.

Obviously Saul is the first duped, There s no wonder ’ looked at their relationship. However considering that she officially is working to give Adal, a minimum of caution in addition there would be bad. D ’ right turn up the music, Open the valves and lock yourself in the bathroom, but Allison could always tell all in Dar, He also put agents on my tail on his orders! But Saul tells her about everything because he trusts you, flooding on the more important, namely that Carrie is still alive. I don't know if is good or bad l ’ action taken subsequently by Berenson. L ’ man, to avoid being brought to Langley, asks for help all ’ friend of Israel. Saul escapes to the custody of the American agents and does so by relying on that ’ friend the link to which had been the main reason of suspicion against; It cannot be said that the position of Berenson before the American Government is positive.


Meanwhile Carrie analyzes documents in the scenery of the leakati villa eight, that both recalls the setting of films inspired by the novels of Rosamunde Pilcher. But in that of Homeland There is no room for sentimentality and ’ happy endings typical of ’ author and while Mathison has many difficulties to understand what the hot topic content of documents, those around you could hide additional threats. On first appearance, Carrie is a failed attempt to contact his former source in Baghdad: l ’ man wanted to inform you that a lawyer, Ahmed Nazari, given up for dead in a ’ explosion, is actually alive and well. The Mathison Guide to Amsterdam on his trail, He finds, But while he's searching his home, Ahmed was escorted away by two men, l ’ friend of Carrie is slain and she is forced to flee followed by gun shots. It is not clear what is happening, nor is why hide that survival ’ Carrie man were so important; actually I'm surprised that that attempt to contact emerged from document could look like something at least to ascertain. From what happens in Amsterdam you can also infer that that seemingly insignificant ’ on a given intuition was correct. It is instead what Carrie does after: asks for help to Allison! Like Saul also she trusts the wrong person.


On the face of those that revolve around the Mathison you save instead just Jonas, still worried about the fate of women despite the rupture. Laura is not surprising positively with its insistent request to see the documents; that plague, What do you want?! He didn't even fetched her, Carrie and Saul have risk course; between the ’ else hasn't figured out what c ’ is at stake, the release of suspected terrorists are not enough, the matter only his journalistic investigation! To insinuate more than a doubt as to his reliability is Eight; I was never funny, However has always helped Carrie and continues to do so. But then comes the conversation with Jonas, where not only says that it will not renew the contract of Carrie, but mostly describes her as an unstable woman. What? The same man who recently was closer than his companion, that until a few hours before driving them coffee, now describes her as a disturbed with which it is better not to have anything to do. Or is making a double agent – and therefore may prove to be the most dangerous villain of season – or is the ’ another man who falls victim to the charms of Carrie Mathison and is trying to get her away from Jonas. Although insist in ’ place Laura for the dissemination of documents, the second hypothesis at the moment it seems the most likely, especially in light of the exchange took place between Carrie and Eight at the beginning of episode, When l ’ l ’ underlines affinity between them and the difference in comparison to their former partner: the latter are firmly planted on the ground, While Otto and Carrie would be born with wings. I'm more of the party "opposites attract".

Just to make us feel comfortable, Quinn, with ’ support of Dar Adal, is helping the jihadi group of last episode to enter Syria: l ’ goal is to eliminate the uncle of one of them. I mean l ’ only that could seriously help Carrie and Saul has its work cut. L’ “oriole” the title is a little bird, and the nickname given to Mathison from ’ friend Samir. If we see really Carrie as a “little oriole”, the romantic prospect comes from reference to the wings made by Eight is not exciting, but it's not even the idea that the female fly straight into the trap of Allison. Will our Carrie to unmask?


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