Homeland 5, first teaser for the fifth season – News

Waiting for the fall premiere, Showtime spreads the first teaser for the fifth season of Homeland, filmed entirely in Germany.

The series will start two years from the end of the fourth season, with Carrie in Berlin as Security Chief of German philanthropist Otto Düring (Sebastian Koch). Disappointed and disillusioned after the events of Islamabad, the Mathison has left the CIA and has flown in Germany, but the aftermath of that mission are still hear, especially with respect to Saul. The teaser focuses on a comparison of the two, with the ’ man who accuses her of having turned their backs on what he had devoted his whole life "Keeping America safe".

Confirmed the return of Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend), Although in 30 second promo there are advances on his relationship with Carrie; Claire Danes to Paleyfest had thrown more than a doubt on the takeoff of the definitive relationship between the two and considering that Alexander Fehling will interpret the new partner of Mathison, Jonas Happich, hopes for the pair Carrie-Quinn fade even further. We will also give Adal (F. Murray Abraham), while among the new cast members, In addition to Koch and Fehling, There will be Miranda Otto (the Princess Éowyn de The Lord of the rings), as Alison Carr (Head of Berlin-based and direct employee of Saul) and Sarah the Sokolovic American journalist Laura Sutton.


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