How To Get Away With Murder – 1×01 (Pilot) – by S.


Con 14,3 million viewers, How To Get Away With Murder is, to date, the pilot with the best debut, and considering the good plays Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal It can be said that the ABC has hit the jackpot with Shonda Night (Although from here to the renewal of HTGAWM for a second season there passes).

The series, created by Peter Nowalk (Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy) and Shonda Rhimes executive producer role, is a procedural crime and presents all items: the murder to be solved during the single episode, the mystery more complicated backdrop to the entire season and a group of characters in various ways linked to each other. At the core of everything is Justin Keating (Viola Davis), unanimously defined “badass woman”: Defense Attorney and a Professor of criminal law, is the classic example of “nothing can get in her way”, knows what she wants and gets it, All the time. In his field is the best of the best, and it doesn't seem to be too many scruples in doing whatever it takes to keep the title.

Unlike all other procedural shows to Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI, This isn't about a close team, headed by a charismatic figure against a common enemy, but a loose set of competing for semi-unknown impress on the teacher. This gives the show a cut other than that of the typical crime, allowing them both to focus on the dynamics within the group without necessarily having to contrast it to external factors, both devote (I hope) more time to the characterization of the protagonists and their personality, I'm still waiting very dear Shondaland products.

The pace of the episode is bolted, and the show does not fall into the trap of slow down the narrative with long explanations and introductions to show the viewer what you're talking about; along with the dialogues, the flashback and flashforward play very well this function, do not create confusion because they are well integrated in the context, are accurate and essential.


To dominate the screen is, in any case, the interpretation of Viola Davis: If the first moment gives the impression of a woman who you never want to have as attacking, during the pilot hints at different facets of his character, giving a picture of herself extremely complex and fascinating. The prime example is the scene in which he speaks privately with Wes, the most naïve of his students, to make sure that does not reveal to anyone the way he discovered: at that time is, at the same time, ominous, desperate, seductive and, above, very convincing. The fear is undoubtedly one of the sensations it arouses more often, as demonstrated by the look in his eyes and that sneaking suspicion that seems to waft into the room when she says to her husband, Distraught over the death of student, “I bet the boyfriend did it”. What he wanted to insinuate? This element, combined with the amount of extramarital discoveries or only mentioned during the pilot, leave clearly implied that, While this is solve a murder, It is in this area of personal relationships that we will play the real game.

There is nothing this first episode he didn't believe, I am absolutely ready to put myself in the events of Middleton University: who will be the murderer of Sam? I conclude with a mention of honour for Liza Weil: Despite its transition from Scandal, for me it will always be the unforgettable Paris Gellar of Gilmore Girls!

The pilot enjoyed? Will you continue to follow the series?


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