How To Get Away With Murder – 1×02 It’s All Her Fault – by S.


The second week, the Shonda Thursday confirmed a trump card in terms of audience and How To Get Away With Murder the best new series of the season.

Theme of episode is the inability to really know people around us, with all trust issues resulting therefrom. The argument is presented in different sauces: the case of the week, Wes and his neighbor, Annalise as lawyer, as a wife and as a woman and just. Once again, It is precisely Annalise the pillar around which rests not only on the episode, but the whole storyline of murder mystery, and the performance by Viola Davis is even better than the pilot; If his work is absolutely unstoppable and unbeatable, in the private sector seems to be far more vulnerable. Before it is unloaded in no uncertain terms by detective (He has a point), and after they begin the suspects on husband: an affair with Lila is the minor issue, the worst thing is to think that it can be the killer. Despite this, always remains an aura of doubt about the personality of Annalise: in the scene where Nate entreaty to verify her husband's alibi appears desperate, a frightened woman in search of confirmation to secure his marriage, but is that really what's doing? Annalise is too smart, and especially knows too well the judicial system; couldn't be all part of a larger plan to frame Sam? And that tear after making love comes from the fear that he killed Lila or have sworn “We're good” while trying to send him to jail?

The mystery becomes even more interesting now that, Thanks to flashforward, We know that the murder of Lila and Sam are somehow connected to each other; to be more precise, all events and all the characters are connected: beyond the deaths of Lila and Sam Rebecca, the neighbor Wes. But this is just the surface, the appearance that may conceal more complex realities: It is clear that there is something between Sam and Bonnie, Therefore it cannot be excluded that even she is involved. “It's all her fault” Michaela says while the four students hiding in the Woods after the murder, and from what we see appears to relate to Rebecca, that are protecting, but from what? What if it was someone else's fault? “Her” could refer to Annalise, who is their boss, and it is reasonable to assume that it has a central role in all storyline; per di più, We have already seen how his behavior on the husband and chance are at least ambiguous Lila.


An honorable mention goes to Steven Weber, creepy killer of his first wife but innocent little lamb when he dies the second; the simulation of stabbing, lying along with Connor on the bed still smeared with blood, is at once disgusting, frightening and even a little erotica. The sexual tension, rest, is an element always present, just consider Connor and his friend hackers and, above, the talks at close range by Annalise to Wes: If the second episode we are already at this level, the situation between the two at some point will have to evolve; It is not yet possible in that direction, but the bond, Willy nilly, It was created between them will have consequences. The rest, Wes so far is the only one of the students to have a minimum of personality, others are still specks one-dimensional (Prom Queen, Doucheface, Frank's Girl and ConnorQuelloGay, that doesn't even have an official nickname).

That Murder is a series done well is evident from the reactions that causes during and after viewing: during, It's never boring and every detail is examined carefully, because now we were involved in the plots of this mystery, We want to solve; After watching, instead, do not wait for the next episode, because every week they give us exactly what it takes to keep alive the curiosity. In Conclusion, for now it's the perfect formula.

[I would like to thank the readers who pointed out to me that he initially wrote “Rachel” Instead of “Rebecca” and I apologize for the oversight!]


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