How To Get Away With Murder – 1×03 Smile, Or Go To Jail – by S.


As you'd expect, Murder gives us another fine episode, Perhaps the most beautiful so far, and the best thing is that you can do it even when the object more framed for all 43 minutes is the huge engagement ring of the useless Michaela.

Not that Michaela He did something bad, It's all pretty and smart, but it has a little’ that air from bride hysterical that compares the carats of the rings with her girlfriends; the impression is confirmed by the fact that in flashforward is always her to slow down the Group and complain about everything, While this might simply mean that it is the only normal person while others practically don't make a fold when they decide to burn a corpse. In those circumstances, I find it very amusing revelation that her perfect boyfriend had a fling with Connor, but the scene that she gives him shortly afterwards was not very believable: or better, I understand the ask any questions about, but that talk about “I'll divorce you, take all your money and destroy every chance you have of a political carreer” makes it look a little girl whatever playing Claire Underwood.

That being said, everything else in the episode works fine: the weekly case reserve a surprise after another, not easy after the ominous 1 killer×02, And the the main storyline increasingly takes the form; In addition to new details in flashforward (especially Michaela who loses the damn ring at the crime scene, and out of politeness I refrain from any comment), the plot takes place even in this (or past, Depending on your point of view, because in fact the pilot this was the bonfire: things that even in LOST!). Now approaching the trial for the murder of Lila, and so the narrative of the present and future plans fit together more and more, the plots shake without being way out, not until the murder is solved. The mystery continues to play a role ambiguity of Annalise to her husband; his reaction when Nate confirms Sam's alibi has two possible readings: is genuinely relieved or pretends to be pregnant while inside he Rails because you can't fit it? Or maybe, third possibility, you know very well alone that the alibi doesn't hold up and it's all a scheme even bigger than where Nate is a pawn? We're overestimating Annalise or would really capable?

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The other interesting part of the episode is that concerning Wes and Rebecca: are, except for Annalise, the other characters still struggle to find their size, they're the ones that are interesting, also because they're the ones who have an active role in the plot of bottom. Rebecca, in particular, Despite having had very few scenes, turns out the most intriguing, because each of those scenes the pours him a certain aura of mystery, that mystery that does just makes me want to know more, because it is evident that there is more. Also the fact that she confessed everything doesn't make it hate because it makes the difficult or why complicate things, but raises awareness that the story is more complicated than it seems: What drives you to behave so? The rest, If he had his reasons, Annalise would not have chosen to defend it, If not that we follow for the next episodes plot?! Of course it could very well be all smoke and mirrors, but for now let's Shonda confidence it deserves.

Ultimately, the judgment continues to be positive, Murder Don't miss a beat and I'll leave you with an extremely deep consideration: from 1 a 10, How is enviable collection of clothes and necklaces by Annalise?!


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