How To Get Away With Murder – 1×05 We're Not Friends – by S.

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This fifth installment is based on revelations and on waiting created by previous, especially from the cliffhanger of the previous final; and the consequences of the discovery of Annalise are felt throughout the episode, This goes clearly in the case of the week and the most thorough presentation of one of the students (This time Laurel).

The kid who kills his father to protect his mother, indeed, does not occupy ever on the spotlight, is useful only as a pretext for addressing the issue of training and how to get jury; It is precisely in the selection of jurors who are witnessing one of the rarest wry scenes of Murder and, above, an even rarer expression of laughter mixed with puzzlement on his face by Annalise (There would be a great time a caption that says: “but that really?”) in front of the delirious words of a candidate. The theme of the jury has always been one of the most exciting for viewers of legal drama, in both television and the cinema, put this tool into the hands of Justin Keating makes it an invincible weapon and a move sure to secure the attention of the audience.

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Laurel, purtroppo, fatigue a little’ take the scenes starring; Despite the continuously mentioned storyline with Frank, his personality remains undefined and little effective, even Michaela is more believable; Laurel suffers especially the confrontation with Wes, which has a more central role in the entire affair, and with Connor, which of the five is without a doubt the most well-rounded and fascinating. In Conclusion, between Laurel and Asher we could easily do without both.

All the attention was focused, instead, first on Annalise and Sam and, in the finale, on the revelation of Rebecca. The version of Sam on his relationship with Lila is credible as a child who vows never to have eaten chocolate secretly; e soprattutto, the experience (real and television) teaches that if he lied and denied shamelessly even I ever attended, at 99% anything else that comes out of his mouth will be nothing but a bald-faced lie bred and buttered; even Justin seems to have his doubts about the honesty of her husband, that says what he says “You're a liar; at this point, "that's all I know for sure”. Their quarrel reveals another side of their private lives and their marriage, a Annalise from the past and in need of help that nothing seems to have something to do with the one we know today, as a further confirmation of the great complexity of this character. Annalise isn't doing much better after the blast, by Nate, that her husband is hiding something on the night of the murder and, as Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy, She is a well-earned comfort in alcohol. Already things with Sam didn't get along very well, now that confidence has been permanently impaired due to evidence of yet another betrayal (Let us remember that Annalise also knows about Sam and Bonnie!) How will they get out of this situation? We already know they don't come out at all, given that Sam will end up dead wrapped in a rug and then straight into a nice bonfire, but it will be interesting to see how to get there. Maybe he's not the killer of Lila but, insomma, something must have made!


Rebecca, instead, is always enigmatic: really didn't know Sam before meeting him in this episode? Or were they bluffing both? Soprattutto, Rebecca makes me anxious: first did not speak of anything with anyone but gave incriminating objects around, When she finally spoke she immediately confessed to a murder he didn't commit and when he is out of jail has been quiet for two days and after a layover home Keating has to escape. Now we have to even look for her and convince her to return?! All because of the great protagonist of this week: the wallpaper!! Certainly the mystery becomes more and more dense and keeps us more and more with bated breath: Rebecca thinks that Justin is involved in murder of Lila and tries to convince this also Wes; This in turn creates, for the first time, a contrast between the characters, at least the first sharp contrast between Annalise and one of his students, the most important of the five: the foundations were laid during the episode whenever Annalise refused to use the phone as evidence without giving an explanation to Wes; If you add the eventual discovery of Wes and the terror in his eyes of Professor, These new and much funnier circumstances promise interesting sviulppi and the opening of new scenarios. Now both the characters is the plot have been sufficiently introduced: It's time to get to the heart.


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