How To Get Away With Murder – 1×06 Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole – by S.

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Now at mid-season, Murder continues to give us small clues into the death of Sam and his young lover Lila. Despite these clues, most episodes spend more the mystery seems to thicken, circumstances keep strategy revealed (rightly) in suspense until the final, When the great revelation we will see in a new light all success and first intuition.

This week we had an episode Asher-centric, and I hope that you have had to endure this torment is atonement of any sin ever committed by viewers in their previous lives and also future; Asher you have a face that begs to be insulted, You cannot find a single human being find him simpatico (is a valid and proven scientific theory, obviously); rather than see it framed again I'd be willing to elect Laurel Supreme protagonist of all upcoming episodes, just that there is no more Asher! Discover the rich boy and privileged background has certainly not helped to improve his position, permanently sunk by that disturbing victory dance. Shonda, deliver us from this plague!

Asher apart, following the road taken in small steps from previous installments, We see different sides of Annalise: with her confession of love to her husband, apparently wanting to protect at all costs, is the Annalise defenseless and superstructures, simply in love, While the professional, with the case of the week, We find out what brought you to this profession. But if, da un lato, for this man sentenced to death Annalise is more idealistic than we'd ever imagined, with an invective so heartfelt and engaging and effective that one should give to Viola Davis an Emmy right here, on the other side is hardly a poor naïve. “The justice system doesn't always reward those who tell the truth, but those who have the power to create their own”, says, indeed, referring to the real culprits remained unpunished to the detriment of his client, but she follows the same path for the case of Lila Stangard: using Frank to place evidence, snaps the ex boyfriend, so dismissing Sam (almeno per ora) and by persuading Rebecca to return home (Here's, I hope Rebecca begins to be more collaborative and stop running away and utter cryptic phrases). Unfortunately it seems that this game you're working against, but it is possible that Annalise please take as unawares by Nate? She is one who always thinks five moves ahead of opponent, or at least that's the picture we got of her so far; the same doubt arises with the final scene: seems to be pointing to its complete estrangement to the facts, but is it really so or you are just building an alibi?

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After seeing this episode I think, among all the secondary characters, the more cryptic is to Bonnie: first of all because if his actions really were mere fillers, without any hidden meaning, It would be an insult to Liza Weil and a waste of his talent (may at any stage should only make him look Stern and/or perplexed?); beyond that, all sentences that pronounce their subtitled * actually I'm thinking anything * (especially that”It's for Annalise; "I'd do anything for her”), and we have already seen how it can secretly steal information and use them to his advantage; the night with Asher could be his alibi, as the bonfire for boys and the call to the same Bonnie to Annalise? Maybe I ask this question because I was utterly incomprehensible how any human being can feel attraction for Asher, use it for a different purpose for me is the only reasonable explanation!

In Conclusion, too many “could”, “should” and question marks: Here there is need answers, but it seems that we will sweat it out until the last moment, as suited to a series that, week after week, does that outdo and more and more pleasure.


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  1. Pity that Asher has become one of the most popular characters in the series, as opposed to that witch (not worse) by Michaela, each episode of new reasons to hate her. Pete Nowak (and not Shonda, He is the creator) exorcise this demon harassing! Wes and Laurel too carried away while you're there.

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