How To Get Away With Murder – 1×07 He Deserved To Die – by S.

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If we wanted to identify the elements that make a series of good entertainment, We should not necessarily list all you Shonda Rhimes and Peter Nowalk have put in this episode of Murder: Maybe it's not emotionally intense as others already aired (one for all the episode 1×04, where is Justin removes make-up in front of the mirror), but it certainly gets the effect to keep us glued to the screen from start to finish.

The key points of the entire show are two: sex and murder; what might work best to tickle our interest and our curiosity week after week? And in “He Deserved To Die” are these two aspects to dominate over all other, to monopolize the storyline and attention. As for sex, almost everyone goes to bed with all, But if in homegrown fiction all boils down to absolutely free scenes (as well as bad), put the case in the plot for the sole purpose of keeping alive the spectator's average Italian stereotype, here, though not essential to the plot development, those scenes are designed to integrate harmoniously and spontaneously. If sex is a natural part in people's lives, is this also for the characters in the series (or series in General): occasional reports of Connor, for example, are now a must, that confirmed one of the best characters of the new tv season, but it's not just this: In addition to representing, finally, homosexual sex with the same dignity as the straight, her escapades in the bathroom of the Court need to understand, Why be seen, combined and contrasted, the scenes in which comes from Oliver with the guilty look and a bouquet of flowers in hand or that controls its work obsessively on social networks. It is not just sex, It is a way to describe the complex traits of an entire and marked personality (what the characters of fiction italiane non hanno, and that is why any of their scene is disconnected, useless and meaningless). As for the other characters, instead, I would like to make a standing ovation for parallelism between the sex scene of Wes and Rebecca and Lila's autopsy: looking at it almost makes impression, but it's that feeling that makes you think “Shonda is a genius”, because even if you switch from a kiss to a scalpel is can a tad disturbing, It is impossible not to watch it, impossible not to consider it one of the most memorable scenes, those who still remember few years. Frank and Laurerl, instead, deserve minimal space: Finally they stopped ony, but the porch of Annalise's house doesn't seem right the best place!

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Since we're on the subject, It's just sex (extramarital affair) by Sam that derives the great revelation of the episode; Since you started talking about a second autopsy, I feared that the result was a Lila's pregnancy, a great classic: and so it was. This also explains the sudden Sam's collaboration with Rebecca, with his bright idea to convince Lila's mother to oppose the exhumation: help his wife, Once he thought only of himself; I said that you should never trust a faithless husband, He will lie again and again until you drop, and if we now say that he knew nothing about pregnancy I swear I volunteer to smash his head with the trophy (so finally we know who did it!). Ecco, By the way, who killed Sam? We are all glad to die, but I want to know why! As expected, keep us in suspense as long as possible (the revelation will occur in the 20 November, that is the last before the long winter break, for us to suffer with the grueling wait), so for now we only have speculation: by Rebecca seems to be Manager Wes (really? with that face?), but I refer you to EW for a weighted analysis of all suspected. The meeting between Nate and Rebecca, among other, It seems that Sam is really the killer of Lila, and this new Covenant suspected/former COP could open new scenarios on the last two weeks of life of Sam (to the delight of Annalise, they try in every way to keep Rebecca; to date, the only result is that presented in court with the innocent look of a little girl in church on Sunday morning instead of his usual outfit consists entirely of black eyeliner).

In Conclusion, If he had not understood here, time is ticking and we die by curiosity: Shonda, give us some answers! Who do you think is the killer? Ma soprattutto: You also have rice for the prenup by Michaela? I laughed SO MUCH!


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