How To Get Away With Murder – 1×08 He Has A Wife – by S.

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The long-awaited moment and much-anticipated is finally here: the bonfire night is here and we are going to find out the answer to the question of the century: who killed Sam??

Continues the most significant aspect of the series, that is, the public-private dichotomy of character Annalise; If at work ama win and always wins, in the private loves having everything under control but nothing goes as it should go. When he discovers Lila's pregnancy is, We say, a little altered, but soon after you view defeat, seems to accept all the injustices (faithless husband and infertility) as punishment for having taken away the man to another woman. But if she managed to forgive Sam so far, If she managed to forgive his umpteenth story, There are other cheating that cannot tolerate. I refer, obviously, the confession of Bonnie; Annalise's right-hand man, just love your husband, He always said he would do anything for her boss and that is where is his true loyalty: Sam uses her appeal on her to do the one thing I always think, i.e. save himself; think to convince her to lie for him with a simple Kiss, giving her an SOP, But even Bonnie now sees for the wretched man (and murder suspect) that is. As his interpreter said Liza Weil in a recent interview, Bonnie works too and has a social life so little to graze the pathology, idealized Sam thinking it might give her the affection does not receive in life but it is clear that it is not so, He's just manipulating, While she owes everything to Annalise and is bound to be honest with you. If you notice some’ late though, because, as I said before, Annalise cannot withstand this, a betrayal on two fronts: as Bonnie ask forgiveness and declare its total devotion, It is no longer enough. Annalise still must have control over something, and if you cannot control the lies of Sam, can certainly leave itself one of the people involved in those lies. I would suggest to Annalise that another move to avoid problems would stop using the living room of his house as a study of all those who work for you, but then, that's where everything comes: will serve well as a catalyst of the events and the relationships between the various characters; otherwise we'd have to see them each at home while you write on Whatsapp, not particularly enthralling scenery! Going back to the time of episode, the scene of the confrontation between the two women is, obviously, beautiful: Finally we see what he's capable of Liza Weil and Viola Davis, come sempre, can say everything at a glance. Just a few gestures, short walk to send a lost and let down the other, and some credit certainly goes to director Debbie Allen, i.e. the Mrs. Avery Grey’s Anatomy (It is a small world!).

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Although the plot has now arrived at the night of the murder, the flashbacks will not stop and, this time, are used to tell the version of Lila of his last days of life; his friendship with Rebecca makes it seem the latter increasingly innocent, and in fact you give for granted now Sam's guilt; with Lila still alive we also discover another side of Rebecca, the more spontaneous at times when finally drops (almost completely) its barriers, one side of which so far only Wes saw some glimmer. A parte questo, flashbacks of Lila I don't add anything to the plot, but more than anything else to increase the hype ahead of next week's revelation. Other event of the episode is the clash between Michaela and future mother-in-law, the scene where we find out that the origins of the girl with the stink under our noses are very different from those that wants to believe, from which I infer that by those origins don't go very fair. However now they act from snob, compared with one that is what she is for now can only dream of becoming, the sa stand up for a while’ with some empty words about love, but soon succumbs to anger, very unwise thing when negotiations are in progress; with that ambition will never accept to give up marriage and the idyllic life project that has been created, then he would do well to train his gift for diplomacy.

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But let's be honest, When no one cares anything about Michaela or emotional problems of Frank and Laurel, the only question that we don't sleep at night is the great mystery of the 2014; who killed Sam? If before I was aiming all about Bonnie, now I'm not so convinced anymore, Why not the same Annalise? Now that he has decided to withdraw DNA from all people in life by Lila (“including her teachers”: Cheers!) seems to have taken the road of vengeance. But they are also too curious to process other theories: the countdown begins for the episode of 20 November!


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