How To Get Away With Murder – 1×09 Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me (Mid-Season Finale) – by S.

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Finally revealed the mystery of 2014: who killed Sam?? But Murder It's a great show and, while giving us an answer that expected from time, raises a thousand more and more pressing questions.

After all the hype created to discover the identity of the murderer, Sam's death is more an accident than an elaborate homicidal plan, and in this context changes little know that Michaela was to push him down the stairs and Wes to smash his head with the trophy. What really makes the difference is that the final scene, that's when no one anticipated: “I'm so sorry” Wes says in a seemingly empty House, “Don't be” answers from dark Annalise impassive sitting at his desk. LIKE, WHAAAT??! This was pretty much my reaction! Annalise is an evil genius and I love you for this! That phone call filled with love, forgiveness and “Let's save our marriage” was nothing but a clever cover: It seemed strange that so easily forgive him after the things he said. Ecco, Let's talk about that fight: fantastic!! First of all Cheers to Viola Davis and Tom Verica for their interpretations, but still more applause to whoever created these characters and wrote these dialogues; more Sam He said he encouraged more malice to continue: know that you are an abject porco schifoso, Finally reveal your true nature!! And Sam deserves all the horrible things that we hear from the wife: She begins gradually with “I'm done saving your ass, I'm done believing in you, I'm done loving you” until they explode with details of her sex life with Nate; and looking at the face of her husband's that infamous, Baster of schoolgirls, What else should do? Hit and sinks, Annalise! And she does it, hits all the right spots as long as he reacts to provocation and throws the mask: of, What satisfaction! For Annalise choke attempt is the ultimate test, is an unspoken “I was right”, because it was just fine to suspect her husband, traitor and murderer. Peter Nowalk, in a recent interview, He said Annalise is much more human than it may seem, It's not a puppeteer moving behind the scenes but more like a skilled chess player, always thinking five moves ahead; and that's what makes it so wonderful: It's not that he planned to kill her husband for months (at least I think!), but when in the middle of the situation knows exactly what is the best thing to do to get out of it. Sam scolds always thinking to save itself, but then why would you think to save him?!

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If we surprise Marion but still moves in line with the image that we get her, facing a change are the Keating Five (or better, Four more Rebecca): the most interesting thing is that this is not a group of friends and a stunt, These five are not friends at all and probably would never have become; After the Murder Night, but, will be forever and inextricably linked to what happened, and I hope the second half of the season (or maybe even next season) explore this new and strange created constraint. Not only their mutual relations will never come first, There will be an impact on the rest of their lives: We have already seen a hint with Michaela, trying to re-enter the charts of his life by signing the premarital agreement and acting his part from good girl; She and the other as the future face after what happened? How many hysterical witness?! For example, I'm just dreaming of being Michaela before the altar with the Vera Wang dress smeared with blood! A positive consequence of the murder is the panic of Connor, which finally brings Oliver scene: This pair is practically the most beloved by fans, There may be a popular uprising if the story continues.

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Although the episode was formed largely from all those flashbacks that had already seen is not at all boring, on the contrary, the Viewer remains vigilant to the big final twist; see the events finally succession in the right chronological order gives a feeling of closure after so many episodes full of questions and at the same time, as I was saying, raises other concerns: that there is agreement between Justin and Wes? The plan to dump the body of Sam is an idea by Annalise? Was in the House when Sam died or came back later? Before or after being from Nate to tell than it thought for her husband? Bonnie also is involved or is it just a pawn? Once again Murder has proven to be a great class, who knows hit right in the interest of the Viewer, in fact, we are already doing the countdown to the mid-season premiere in February.


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