How To Get Away With Murder – 1×10 Hello Raskolnikov – by S.

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La Shonda night came back in better shape than ever: This episode of Murder It was just what we wanted, with a nice dose of adrenaline after forced abstinence in recent months.

Thanks to the long break, even after weeks was still alive the suspense for the winter final revelations; We were worn out by the curiosity to know how much and how Annalise was involved in the murder of her husband and how would fared. Obviously, comes out with his usual nonchalance, reciting the abandoned wife and worried; not that it's quite insensitive, Moreover, when he saw the body of Sam even she lost his cool for a moment. But only for a moment: indeed, as always thinks big and Annalise knows exactly everything you need to do to deal with the situation. Do not doubt that it is a tad proven by having accused her husband of murder, but with that speech was not only defending his client, It was also taking her revenge on a husband fedifrago and liar. So yes, After the initial sadness, I think the Fund is also liked to declare to the world that he was a murderer (Sorry, come darle torto?).

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Opposed to the coolness of Annalise are hysterical crises of Keating Five: as you'd expect, especially given that they bore each other even before the death of Sam, who can try to save his own skin at the expense of that of others, Luckily, with little success. Absolutely ridiculous is, instead, the reaction of outrage by Frank against Laurel: assuming that he has told all Annalise, What was expected? That Laurel went to ask him “What are you doing tonight? give me a hand with a corpse?”? It is obvious that she maintained the facade version of events, especially with him, It is not his father or his dearest childhood friend! He should understand it but this has not been, and she indeed came back straight straight into the arms of the guy That you don't need to Remember the name. Inter alia, Dear Laurel, in this situation of mental instability, it seems appropriate to start dating someone? Wouldn't it be better to wait for calmer times?

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Although the timely intervention of Annalise has averted the worst, the confession of Connor and Michaela, the aftereffects of the event have just begun: This was a fast-paced episode, Adrenaline, rich in that typical anxiety panic moments you live right after a trauma. The interesting part, but, It's what comes next: glossy in mind, We handle all the checkers, in a cunning game tends to infinity. To upset things will surely Sam's sister, whose arrival does not promise anything good: better this way, why the perfect formula of Murder is not bored, with a twist after another. And we can't wait to see the next.


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