How To Get Away With Murder – 1×11 Best Christmas Ever – by S.

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By now we should be letting the habit, We should know that at some point in each episode of Murder There is an OMG moment. We should know, Yet even this time the ending caught us all by surprise.

I thought the girls held captive and the unbalanced chick were a case sufficiently interesting, In addition we put Sam's sister (guest star Marcia Gay Harden) poking around everywhere with his suspiciously from psychotherapist, What else could happen? There had been also talking heart to heart (about) by Annalise and Hannah, He had almost conquered by that confession duly revised and corrected, was safe to breathe a sigh of relief and think that this week the worst was past. But no! Too easy! Just lowered my guard, Here's that pop up out of nowhere the remains of corpse of Sam! Sorry, but they had burned the corpse? If things were complex before, let alone what will happen now with the corpse of the Middle: the Keating Five are already on the verge of delirium and psychotic Annalise If has fared so far with his recitation because there was no concrete reason to suspect he was lying. As it exits the next police questioning? Will Frank believes will in extremis in all the trouble pending? It seems unlikely that, but something invent. Other problems may occur with Bonnie, but: It seems to have actually been kept in the dark, but I'm starting to suspect that something's not right; Hannah clearly has in mind to make strength on its weaknesses (and his penchant for Sam) to take her on his side and dig as far as possible in the version of events by Annalise, Bonnie will divest? The last time Sam attempted to buy it with a kiss she arsed claiming his dignity, but it's not obvious which will follow that road again.

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A surprise, instead, was Laurel: I don't know if it was the effect of the long break or whether he actually said something useful, but in this episode I was even Nice; It seems to me the only able to formulate meaningful thoughts, While the others only do bad dreams or ranting consumed by anxiety. Don't they have their reasons to be worried, but sometimes it takes a change of perspective, also for the welfare of the spectator. A perspective always appreciated is to Connor and Oliver: How are adorable from 1 a 10? The vision of “The thorn birds” made everything even more beautiful, but Connor is unstable as Michaela: will collapse and will confess everything to his almost fiance? Maybe for the pair would be a bit’ soon face this problem, the only plausible reaction to Oliver would be to throw him out of the House without seeing him again ever again. Returning to Michaela, instead, the scene at the Christmas party is in line with all her reactions from the night of the murder; as we were saying me and my co-author, a Michaela would love to be a cool head and calculator (She'd be Annalise, insomma), but it is nothing but a poor little girl hysterical. I wonder, but, If your marriage is really cancelled: This for you really could be the straw that breaks the camel's back: take everything but not my Vera Wang!

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In Conclusion, a lot of meat on the fire for the next episode, and if we consider that there are only two at the season finale (so few??) We can bet that the tension will continue to rise until the final explosion: they'll make Annalise and its in getting away with murder?


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