How To Get Away With Murder -1×12 She's A Murderer – Review by S.

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Runs really bad blood between Justin and Hannah: who wouldn't want a sister-in-law so anxious to accuse you of murder? If already in the last episode he was perceived a certain tension, now that tension exploded and there is no turning back.

Just heard about the discovery of the body of Sam, indeed, Hannah forget very quickly the great conversation with Annalise and in less than a second is already shouting from the rooftops that is a killer, dusting off his past few crystalline and some family quarrel. Peccato che, even without knowing how close to the truth, Hannah seems more crazy hysterical that a woman with evidence; and that satisfaction was for Annalise (and for us) beat them in the face of the failure of the House search (not to say “incest is best, put your brother to the test”!)! This allowed the Keating Five to breathe a sigh of relief, but the peace is short-lived: Michaela expression at the news of the discovery of a ring in the Woods was priceless, but unfortunately or fortunately the ring wasn't his. And here comes Frank: It was all done by Annalise knew it already, but now we find that is not limited to execute orders, Frank has a criminal mind of respect; his boss is also the undisputed Queen of the Forum, But if it weren't for him in this case would be at least already been arrested.

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Unveiling the hidden talent of Frank, that ensured a permanent place so far to weak to Annalise, It is, however, always remained a mystery the usefulness of Bonnie: because her right arm, Why keep close whereas would gladly replaced Annalise even in his marital duties? Could be because it is particularly clever, so much so that it has perfectly reconstructed the murder of Sam in half a day while the police are clearly getting to ride. With what he has discovered Bonnie could be very dangerous, but it does not seem willing to travel this road: for her the most important thing has always been trusted by Annalise, and also this time, Although it may take the opportunity to get some personal advantage, sided with her and not against her. Hannah's presence is always a loose cannon, but I don't think that Bonnie is a bluff to frame somehow Annalise: If not surrendered to Sam Kiss why would he do that to the words of sister? Unfortunately, Bonnie decides to advise and warn Annalise just when, with the arrest of Nate, the Keating Five seem to have finally convinced that their mentor is protecting them. And if convinced that Bonnie is not the best strategy for you?

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More and more people are involved (Thanks for your help, Nate), more and more people are discovering, and hold off all consequences of Murders's Night is becoming increasingly difficult, even for Annalise. The iconic scene where, exhausted, He slips into bed still wearing makeup and dressed, a scene that contrasts with the now historic that dropped all masks, metaphorical and not, before taking on her husband. That moment (“Sam, Why is your penis on a dead girl's phone?”) It was the beginning of the end, marked the final crack of trust between the two, you quickly crumbled since the embarrassing indexed was only the tip of the iceberg. Now mark, instead, the end of Annalise? The call to the mother, We'll see in the next episode, gives me hope in an ascent, There will be other cards to play: rest, Annalise must've inherited from someone its. Bonus question: that mystery will conceal behind the mysterious former tenant of the apartment of Wes? Will be the final twist that no one expects? Ah, how I love this series!


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