How To Get Away With Murder – 1×13 Mama’s Here Now – Review by S.


If Murder has quickly become the most popular new drama by the public is because it has the right amounts of all ingredients that keep us glued to the screen: a murder, a mystery, twists, good acting, un po’ sex scenes here and there and those characters so fascinating that can arise only in Shondaland.

This episode has further perfected Nowalk that formula by doing two smart things: the first was to introduce the last typical ingredients, i.e. the Great Original Trauma (in this case the rape of little Anna Mae from Uncle drunk), explaining the birth of the personality of Annalise, arguably the most intriguing of the entire series. The depraved family that is hurting children is certainly not something original, but sometimes even the classic work, It all depends on how they are told: and with Cicely Tyson and Viola Davis what we could expect if not a great scene? A series of scenes, per essere precisi: a crescendo of scrimmages and let things be understood until final confession and comparison. It is curious that Annalise has called his mother in times of need and, as soon as she arrives, You can't stand a word she says, but the escalation of their conversations is more than enough to overlook some small inconsistency. Mama Keating meanwhile is phenomenal, with his strong attitude bluntly (“who the hell do you think you are? Oprah? I wiped your ass and I'll call you anything I want”), the classic woman who fought with dignity for life and is proud of all its goal. Even killing brother-in-law pedophile: I told Justin she must have taken by someone!


The second smart thing of this episode was completely change the cards on the table: If two episodes ago seemed to have found all the answers, what a (almost) all the mysteries were solved, now the game is open again. Who killed Lila? If it had really been Rebecca, He has mocked all beginning? I imagine that if this were the case would not Justin good; even sorry you stuck Nate, so much so that before the arrested for murder and now offers to clear his name: you know more than this woman has a heart! I really like that the scenarios were reopened just before the season finale: will be two high-voltage episodes, and at the moment we have no idea what to expect, which makes the wait even more feverish.


Last but not least, Thanks to the emotional crisis of Annalise retired temporarily from public life, This episode has finally seen the rise of Bonnie: I rooted for her from the first scene and I applauded when he won the cause. I knew his time would come, and I hope there will be many other: will not be Annalise, but that doesn't mean that I can't keep the scene and be a viable alternative. The only thing I don't understand is what can ever find fascinating in Asher, but the puzzled expression of Frank is confirmation that I am not the only one to think so!

Unfortunately this first season of Murder It's almost come to an end and, ahead of the grand finale, as a circle which closes, We return to ask us: who killed Lila?

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