How To Get Away With Murder – 1×14 The Night Lila Died – 1×15 It’s All My Fault (Season Finale) – Review by S.


OH MY GOD!! OMG!! OH MY GOD!! I can not remember the last time I've held a series so on edge, to find out who was responsible and try to solve its many mysteries: Murder is undoubtedly succeeded in all this, with a final height of the absolutely best new drama series of the television season 2014/2015.

This first season ended with a double episode, only thing I have to criticize: understand the need to prolong the suspense as possible, but the case of the week at this point it was not absolutely necessary. Although it may be appealing to the plot The Thorn Birds, was not the time to dwell in love with priests and boys molested: the only thing we wanted was to have answers to the questions we ask from October. Even the storyline on AIDS Oliver did not have the right timing: all adore him, and we love him and Connor, but our attention was all for Lila, Rebecca is Sam, any deviation from the main storyline was just an annoying waste of time. Excluding these details, all other elements of the final worked fine as expected.


We address one issue at a time, and let's start from the main question, that seemed settled until a week ago: who killed Lila? Suddenly it was no longer so sure that it was Sam and, above, has begun to suspect Rebecca. With the return of these suspicions the Keating Five have become a tad hysterical, but Rebecca has not done anything to try to keep them under control. Okay difficult childhood and distrust, but because you refuse to cooperate when you would be more useful? Rebecca was back to the early episodes, confessed that before and after retracting, a behavior that I have always found very irritating. But as she did everything to look guilty, more the minutes passed, the more I stood doubt that the real culprit was Annalise: all this talk about the need to be convinced of his version of events to be able to do that job (and to live with the weight of what has been done) clearly pointed in that direction. It would have been a twist not just, but perhaps it would compromise the character too, making it difficult to create other storyline equally valid for the future.


And indeed no, Annalise was not but his faithful Frank, that air has also reprimanded indignantly telling Laurel “Is that who you think I am? Some freaking hit man? No wonder you dumped me”. Go and trust! You also need to review the concept of loyalty to Frank against his head, given that killed on the orders of Sam and, above, as he had against him a few debt that made justified to ask him to strangle a twenty pregnant. In light of this revelation opens many scenarios: Frank has always been a traitor? In that relationship was with Sam? What did Sam for him? Such As recalls the same Norwalk, the interesting thing is, with hindsight, revise the only scene in which the two have appeared together: in the first episode, Bonnie watches television while giving the news of the discovery of the body of Lila, Frank is with her and Sam enters the house; the two are completely ignore, but how many words unspoken contains that silence!! Having to wait (at least) eight months to pick up the thread of the matter is a perspective that afflicts me! The truth about the death of Lila makes real, in a way, the version of the murder to which Annalise and the Keating Five have decided to believe: Sam may not have been the perpetrator of the murder, but he is the mastermind behind the overall design and certainly should be considered responsible for as much as Frank, if not more. This makes me very happy, because my contempt for him had reached historic highs.


For much of the second part of the final I wondered how it would end the relationship between Wes and Rebecca after he was held hostage tied to a chair for an entire day; Unfortunately, we'll never know, since the dear Rebecca is mysteriously dead in the cellar of the house Keating. But look a little '! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Murder solve the murder at the center of his first season and, from that mystery unveiled, another is born, that will be the centerpiece of the next (renewal was confirmed just after the airing of the final). The close connection between the cases of the first and second season presents risks, how to flatten the plot and make repetitive, but so far Nowalk and her have proven able to skillfully avoid all the traps (apart from a small inconsistency: what happened to Hannah?!), and even the unexpected twists are not missed. After a debut so positive, for criticism and listen, it is always difficult to achieve the same level of excellence, I can not wait to find out what will they think.


At the end of the character Annalise was presented from a slightly different angle by the turn lately: the visit of the mother put her back in the sixth, because it no longer showed his weak side, its fragility, one is no longer stripped. On the contrary, all proudly wore his armor and did what he does best, even when this involved making horrific actions (such as, for example, to beat Nate in prison). We reviewed the first episodes of Annalise, combative, unscrupulous, that winning does not stop at nothing, with the difference that now the feel assert “No god should sorgive me for all the bad things that I’ve done”, but does not run away from this awareness, hugs and faces, decided to continue its way. And the story of Nate becomes more intricate: the new prosecutor definitely hides a diabolical mind behind that attitude airhead, I think Annalise find bread for his teeth. And who is the number that Nate has finally decided to call?

In Conclusion, the season finale has more than met my expectations, though on balance these two episodes we had more new questions than answers (who the hell is Eggs 911??): Murder kept us in suspense for five months only to find out the identity of a murderess, and that in itself is proof of the quality of the series; Now, however, we held our breath even suspended pending discover things that until a few days ago we would not have imagined. How To Get Away With Murder not satisfied and not merely be content, goes beyond; makes us suffer to give us what we want and, once we got, ensures that there is enough more, there is always something better to wait. And this is what makes a series a great series.

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