How To Get Away With Murder – 2×01 ’ it's Time To Move On (Season Premiere) – Review by S.


La Shonda Night is in full swing and the same can be said of last season's revelation series: We spent months trying to figure out arrovellarci “who killed Rebecca?”, and here, in style Murder, the answer finally arrives but, at the end of the episode, We find ourselves with more questions than before.

So many irons in the fire in this premiere, but let's go with order: l ’ Rebecca killer is unveiled, at issue is nothing less than Bonnie. I had staked everything on Michaela, Maybe Michaela and Laurel, but no, was the efficient Assistant ’ Annalise. I must say that now more than efficient seems a little psycho: It was not a shot d ira ’, Neither acted as a hit man as Frank, There has just been thinking and quietly suffocated Rebecca, lasciandosela behind as if they just had a great conversation with friends. It is significant also cool that it kept from then on, He never left anything leaked, He got even Frank. But it has fooled Annalise, that in life he made of cooked and raw but, insomma, even if you hide a body c ’ is always a valid reason. This revelation in turn opens a window on the past of Bonnie, apparently not very clear and not forgotten: the consequences we have seen well, so it is reasonable to assume that it will be thorough, also to give your character the right space, as always happens in Shondaland.


Despite finding out who killed Rebecca, the mysteries continue to increase: Murder repeats the same structure as the last season (the flashabck and the flashforward, to guide us along the reconstruction of events from ’ final event, the central mystery and the case of the week), but the charge of textures and controtrame: Let's pick up the threads of what had been left hanging with Egg 911 and Nate framed for murder, but to this is added his new Attorney, that is obviously a beautiful woman and that incinerates career prosecutors at a glance; equally obviously one could stop here, because the mysterious Eve is also the ex-girlfriend of Annalise ’, with flashback in Act. In Conclusion, never a dull moment! And you can't even let their guard down too easily: what looked like the case of the week, intended to lead in forty minutes, takes different contours (What is disturbing the twin?), especially when it turns out the mystery that will be the focus of the season: because someone shoots Annalise in that villa? Because Wes escapes from the House? Too many questions!


The relationship between Wes and Annalise is, certainly, one of the most complex of the series: the two constantly fluctuate between mother-child affection ’, on which fans speculate much, and a light game of seduction, constantly mentioned, and soon after dropped, How to let us forget but never quite, to keep us always all ’ alert. Annalise, instead, It shows again for like the ’ we met her last season: a force of nature, unbeatable in his work, a strategist's mind, extremely aware of its quality but also of their errors, which leads to a more fragile side, always looking for someone who understands.


I Keating Five, on the other hand, do the usual things: argue and agitate. Shake especially Michaela, that won't even less than before, but unfortunately it seems destined to stay alive, so I'll do a reason. Make much tenderness Asher, standing with a killer ’ and does not realize (How could?), blackmailed by ’ although the accusation only all ’ dark ’. Luckily there are Connor and Oliver, the most beloved by the public, We have a few tender moment to catch your breath between murder and ’ more.

In Conclusion, It seems that the ingredients for a season with a bang we are all, even more of the ’ last year; is always very thin dividing line between success and the risks flop, but it seems that Murder It is still in a State of grace, even in the wake of recent and historic Emmy win by Viola Davis. The premiere, more than satisfy our curiosity, l ’ has further increased, and we're officially ready to resume Shonda addiction Night.

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