How To Get Away With Murder – 2×02 She s Dying ’ – Review by S.


Come on, non we guessed Bonnie but after this incident we will certainly be able to come up with a theory about what happens to Annalise. You'll see that this year ’ we understand everything and solve the mystery“. This is the conversation I had with my co-author R. a few hours before you see the episode ’; Needless to say, none of those predictions became a reality.

This time no quick weekly case, the series focuses on Annalise and consequences of the events of the first season; the climate is therefore increasingly staff, putting aside anything that diverts the attention from the true protagonist ’. And this technique can't fail if the protagonist is Justin Keating, on top of that played by Viola Davis more and more degree. Make her testify has been very useful for the purposes of procedural strategy, but he certainly gave me a ’ other monologue that will be certainly in the annals of series.


The twisted plan of Annalise to frame (prima) and save (After) Nate works perfectly, Despite some of the unexpected last minute ’, but at a high price: talking about the questions asked on the stand by the prosecution (as it is annoying that woman?), “slut shaming” to say the least. Annalise feeling the pinch but doesn't yield, If not to the cross-examination of Eve, that goes even further by encroaching in the staff. This Annalise was not prepared, and as always in times of increased vulnerability that shows the most beautiful sides of himself. If last year was ’ the time of the marriage in crisis, now he reveals his side in love, and it's really hard not to cheer for this couple. Of course it is a report to the most tragic failure, as already assume l ’ stalking of angry Nate.


Couple problems for Oliver and Connor, but here the consequences are more easily controlled; This report also serves to tell a profound change in the character of Connor, as pointed out by her boyfriend. Who would have guessed ’ in this situation just a year ago? The flashbacks also reveal a new side: is Connor to stay next to Annalise until last ’, and when it fell to Sam always tried to get involved as little as possible. The presence of Oliver did just fine, and does well in Michaela, that talking to him nice appeared for the first time in his life. Unfortunately the bad luck in men not abandon: After the bridegroom gay, now is the turn of what might be Eggs 911. I can't wait to attend his hysterical when she finds out.


Only funny interludes, instead, for Laurel and Frank: He doesn't have a point in complaining of being treated like a Gigolo, and she was a little’ deserved to be sent to white that way… but does a little’ laugh thinking that Frank is still a killer: stifles and girls all of a sudden all this ’ turns out sensitivity in the field sentimental? But the rest, who are we to judge?! It gets interesting, instead, the reconstruction of the relationship between Bonnie and Annalise: was so far remained rather unknown, and it is fascinating to discover its origins and history right now that is cracked, perhaps irreparably.

There is nothing that ’ leave me doubtful in this second episode, Murder has identified its strengths and emphasize them at most, never exaggerate and giving viewers exactly what they want: great quality entertainment.

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