How To Get Away With Murder – 2×03 It's Called The Octopus ’ – Review by S.


In this episode, c ’ was an erotic scenes level higher than usual, a duty to which above all Connor does not escape ever. Not that anyone is complaining of what. Right Connor continues its phase from bad guy redeemed by love of Oliver ’, angelic remains even in an adult club (or what the hell is), too bad for those dying of Annalise flashforward in his arms: will also try to save it, But how he and his partners in crime are involved? For a change I have no idea what could have happened, I trust in your enlightening comment so you don't have to wait again this year until December ’.

For nothing angelico, Needless to say, is Wes, that finally sheds the mask and takes matters in hand to get Rebecca for her; and it does so with an accomplice of exception, the infamous “Eggs 911”, cryptic message finally deciphered with the arrival on the scene of ’ brother of Rebecca. The character of Wes is following a ’ against the evolution of Connor: the “Puppy face” of the first episodes is only a distant memory; If the events of last season changed his life forever and his personality, now he's even more engaging in a world from which it will be difficult to get out. Is the world of Annalise, populated by double plays and shameful secrets, hidden behind a façade perfectly built.


Finally nears the time to find out more about Asher and the mysterious story of Tiffany, an event that weighs on his life so as to force it to make the mole for the Prosecutor (Luckily dies, that woman intolerable). The character of Asher, also because of the fact that it was the only ’ actually unrelated to the events of last year ’, is so far left some’ in the background; the relationship with Bonnie ’ not featured much, but this new storyline seems to be going in the right direction and new. Another that tries to get to know better Frank, and after the hot scene with Laurel last week is really hard not to cheer for this couple when he glimpses that part of himself that usually held hidden cam. C ’ is always that detail of being a hit man, but something one has to do to live; who are we to judge? May have had good reason to be in debt for a murder with Sam: everything can be!


I find it hard, instead, try any form of displeasure Michaela, Although with all shoes into the trap of seduction of Rebecca's brother. “The ’ 'm not a third-date kind of girl”… but please, Some believe’ less; every time you do a thousand paranoid for insignificant details (now the number of appointments before having sex, the year ’ l ’ engagement ring), without ever hitting the real point of the matter. I hope that when you notice the rip off a worthy plan of revenge, or at least find a way to exploit the situation to his advantage (She also wants to know cos ’ happened to Rebecca).


Interesting, instead, the development of the situation between Justin and Nate: of course you don't live an easy time, with those disturbing and incestuous twins who only create damage, but the real surprise is the former detective ’. The scene in which seems to forgive Justin I really dropped your arms: do both proud and ’ l ’ offended only to surrender so the first moina? Luckily it was only appearance, but of course I wasn't expecting that the mind of everything was Wes, that apparently is quite determined to get to the bottom of the disappearance of Rebecca.

These twists (rather frequent, If we are to be honest), are what never do never want to see the next episode ’ Murder: If Justin's personality and mystery to solve the ’ essence and structure of the series, l ’ the authors ability in telling stories is undoubtedly what makes the difference, Turning of the good conditions in a show of great quality.

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