How To Get Away With Murder – 2×04 Skanks Get Shanked – Review by S.


It seemed impossible, but sometimes even Justin Keating manages to keep everything under control: apparently, You can cover only a certain number of murders before the dense Web of relationships necessary to support the play begins to disintegrate.

And it is precisely the Keating Five to put sticks in the wheels to Annalise (and even to themselves), everyone differently but all very dangerous. C is ’ Connor, the one with the noblest motives, He can't bear the guilt: After Sam's death and the disappearance of Rebecca, l ’ sociopath teenager was too good for him. Remorse for what happened lead him on ’ the brink of hysterics, now convinced of the brainwashing that their teacher is subjecting; pity that, showing himself so preoccupied for the past, to suffice for really cheap Marion put it back on line and bend it to his will: with a simple blackmail you always get everything.


Blackmail also knows something Asher: purtroppo, We haven't found much on the mysterious story of Tiffany, but it was clear that Asher has sold Annalise (Although, Ironically, the least involved of all) in Exchange for protection for himself. To much will certainly have good reasons, and Bonnie is ready to discover all, evidently pretending to have killed Sam: that plan will have concocted? Closes the circle Wes, that seems to get something in his investigations on Rebecca but is so smart to get to chat with Nate in the middle of the parking lot of the hospital ’, in such a way as to be clearly visible to anyone passing by there (specifically, by Annalise, that was just deciding whether to help Nate's wife to commit suicide or less). The betrayal of Wes to Annalise is the worst of all, because it is the most dangerous: the will or, as his usual, acts behind the scenes, without giving it to see?


A marked improvement, instead, for Michaela, that all looks nice even sudden ’, without losing that veil of hysteria that has always distinguished. It is a pity that this rediscovery of itself coincides precisely with the fact of being used and deceived by the brother of Rebecca, I don't think it will take so much when she finds out. Other element in its favor is the central role that seems to have the mystery revolving around two brothers and the attempted murder of Annalise, at least according to flashforward: the plot continues to thicken, and just as always we discover one more thing here is that there are a thousand other questions.

L’hype around the discovery of who shot to Annalise and what you hide those two brothers is always higher: from this point of view, the series didn't miss a beat compared to last season. Indeed, It can be said that, being an already established mechanism, This time even better features: the flashforward are never too much, so as not to be annoying the constant repetition of the same scene (as the ’ year with bonfires and the flying cheerleader), but arranged intelligently during the episode ’, exactly where you need to remember that, as far as we can distract ourselves with other cases and other events, the great mystery is always there, ready to hit us when we least expect ’ l.

I conclude with a praise to Zoey, the young killer d angelo ’ face: Although the episode was ’ the most tedious of television history, his outburst in court would be enough to help. I elect “you're next ’, whore!” phrase of the week symbol.

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