How To Get Away With Murder – 2×05 Meet Bonnie – Review by S.


The chickens are coming home to roost, the plans got out of hand, paranoid flare up and everything seems to get out of hand: for the first time since the start of the series ’, We have the feeling that things will not go smoothly, It is no longer possible to put a patch on each murder unexpected and you will pay the consequences of their actions.

Focus of the episode is ’ Bonnie, and she largely depended on the fortunes of the overall plan “We put it all to rest”. Eventually the Assistant ’ Annalise began the process that sees more protagonist, early stage from the season premiere with the ’ murder of Rebecca and with references to his past scattered throughout both seasons. Bonnie the try all to save Annalise (and indirectly also the Keating Five), and this extreme devotion towards his boss really verges on incomprehensible ’ l, especially considering the treatment he always reserved Annalise (Although says that for her, Bonnie is like a daughter). Presumably, you will go deeper on the birth of their relationship, especially after the revelation of the father abuse by Bonnie: should even explain how these stories bind, do not?


The role of Bonnie looks set to have relevance in the coming episodes, considering what we see in flashforward, and also because of its links with Asher. He seems really not to yield to any petition, or to request not to get into trouble Annalise and his friends: every time he has a change of heart, always end up choosing institutional Street, to secure at least himself. This integrity may be undermined, but, the sight of the violence suffered by Bonnie during childhood ’, even if we know his flashforward desire to confess and get out of this mess is not gone.


The remaining members of the Keating Five, instead, you are guided by Wes in a daring search for evidence and bodies, which of course leads to nothing: Dear Wes, in that world you thought you could fool Frank? Back to study for exams, by bravo. Connor, now more and more wrapped by a spiral of cynicism, self-destruction and anxiety, l gives us yet another romantic moment ’ of which only a year ago we would have never considered ’ l capable. Seeing him so worried and scared makes me seriously fear for its future: you know that to get by are usually those who are less scrupulous.

Annalise trying with all his might not to lose control of the situation, but Nate, the Keating Five, Asher with his confessions and witness the dead chick, for the first time is really in trouble. This situation works well to create the right atmosphere ’ in view of revelation of the facts of flashforward: a ’ Annalise hit by gunfire and dying is a perfect match to the chaos that reigns in this episode, un po’ less sense would have had with ’ always and always winning Annalise three moves ahead to which we are accustomed.

Also this week Murder remains a success, not that this confirms the need: Apart from plays and television critics, When you pass the week to develop theories about “who shot Annalise?” It can be said that the series has become a fixture and irreplaceable.

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