How To Get Away With Murder – 2×06 Two Birds, One Millstone – Review by S.


There is an episode of Gossip Girl When Georgina Sparks, After religious and disciplined, announces that it has found his evil side and Machiavellian with a “You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back”. Ecco, If week sounded like it was with Annalise ’ water in the throat, Unable to control all side effects, Here she now resumes the handful of control situations, with double plays, of which only you are capable.

Annalise This time wins on all fronts (disregarding the fact that soon someone will try to kill you): wrapped in a beautiful Blue Coat, dominates any room you enter, making people around her little more than specks. WINS primarily with the case of the week, beautiful, with Jill transsexual willing to circumvent the system in every way by showing that, for some, What is (purtroppo) l ’ only way to be heard. The customer who jeopardizes the case by altering the crime scene, with replication “I am mad. Not because you lied to me, but because I didn t think ’ at this idea myself“: Annalise back in top form, He plays hard and plays dirty, but in the end always gets its result. But the successes don't end there: the biggest is that against the annoying Sinclair, I thought I got him but was busted at his own game: Beginner! For all episodes of this season it appeared that Sinclair was always one step ahead, even when Annalise was a sign she had a weapon ’ (generally the blackmail), but the free ride is over. When Justin decided that the game had to end, is finished now and and ended as she decided she. “Right now I have to go to handle bitch“: said and done.


Things are a little’ less well on face Nate, and as his words of grief over the loss of his wife are touching customers would remember that he also created Justin trouble, but he is not an innocent Angel descended from heaven: the next time was at the bedside of the dying wife instead of being a lover ’. Negative judgment for Wes, increasingly unbearable week after week: When will stop making a fuss will always be too late. He thinks he's a great man guided by intuition and grains nobles motivations but is just a little boy of his prey and paranoia of his trauma, What right do you think you have to treat Justin like that? By the way, that long dialogue about the mysterious mother of Wes was not put there by accident, true? Considering the amount of entries that Annalise is his biological mother, that can't be a coincidence.


Connor and Oliver continue to win the Grand Prize of “couple of the year ’”, especially when they pass by terrorism to sex in a nano second. Unfortunately the fears last week seem to materialize: all this happiness have to be somehow cracked, and here comes the mysterious cousin promptly of the brothers Hapstall! But that anxiety!! This seems to me to be released straight from Criminal Minds, with those eyes while disturbing the people from computer spy, I dare not imagine what will be his next move.

Lien also pay Asher, who chooses to defend Bonnie and everyone else but, Although unintentionally, father gets in trouble (I would say that it is the lesser evil); It was now that same anxiety even in him: his friends take anti-anxiety meds for over a year, It takes a while’ of equity!

Of course the flashforward finals they complicate things more and more: Now you put the orphan ’ pours in Frank, It also provides first to abandon it in his pyjamas in the Woods, by Annalise: But why?? I need answered! The wait between ’ and l ’ else gets more and more difficult, Thankfully there are only three episodes to answer the big question: who shot Annalise?

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