How To Get Away With Murder – 2×07 I Want You to Die – Review by R.


(This week I replace S. in exceptional. Luckily we basically d ’ agreement, If can deny me in the next post).

The way to approach the fateful episode nine becomes increasingly difficult psychologically and emotionally. We are four days away from "That night" and while the questions about events to increase Hapstall Mansion, our mental stability crumbles a scene after the other ’: the last ten minutes were more tiring than a great horror.

A question would seem to be answered, We are witnessing the fatal fall of Sinclair and this time Miss Pratt has nothing: is Bonnie in peeking from the terrace; Bonbon ancora tu? Personally I have a small doubt, After Asher should be there with her and I would not exclude it as a real culprit. The relationship between Bosher inevitably degenerates the unveiling of the mystery Lake Trotter; Asher involved in a gang rape is a tad disconcerting: the initial ’ appearance of rich Dad's son and spoiled has left early for the good guy, funny, sometimes vulgar, but so clumsy as to be adorable. You save because you did not have an active role, already then he was blessed to dance and sing (Indeed rap) While upstairs committed a crime's friends, true family? In part, I repeat; Bonnie delivers perfectly l ’ victim experience "She (Tiffany) went to a party, and her life changed forever, and everything she does now, She works so hard to be okay, While you just get to keep on being you, oblivious and the fun guy "; obviously, Since it has a similar. And at least this Asher does not escape, too bad I can't hide in the slightest because; Bonnie is the same one that has put together the dots of the night she died Sam, Imagine if misses for what his former refers, that hasn't exactly a poker face!


And that's how we arrive at the break between Bonnie and Annalise. This is not the first time that the two argue heavily, but this is different from all previous. Annalise has injured Winterbottom revealing to his sweetheart a secret that was her only tell when it was ready: Asher was his corner of lightheartedness and now is ruined. In the throes of anger and sincerity content, Bonnie pronounce words that hurt and from which there is no turning back "You don t ’ know how to love anyone (...) I want you to die. That's what I want ’. That it was you they killed in this house, not Sam ". A phrase that throws a shadow over ’ about what will happen to the Hapstall Mansion. I Understand Bonnie, However, even if we know the lies and intrigues he is capable of the Keating, It is equally true that, as far as we have seen, l ’ has saved on several occasions by a miserable fate. Unless the recent threat to Connor, tend the Annalise because in the end, as pointed out by Michaela last season, He's just trying to protect his boys while they always line up to accuse her.


The first place to do so is up to Wes, that despite the talk of ’ last episode still has that baby face ’ offended because they have not received the desired gift. Annalise has the delicacy to divert him from suicide case and the subsequent meeting between Wes and Eve brings to the surface the speculation we've been waiting for from the pilot – including lodgement of ’ a sexual relationship student-Professor. L ’ absolute sincerity that seems to prevail among Annalise and Eve, the first port to justify the protection provided to Wes with "IT's ’ HIM". Oh. My. Dio. L ’ said! Few words that, accompanied by tender smiles of two women, they immediately think of the confirmation of the show's most popular theory: Annalise is really his biological mother of Wes? Is their approach to the toilet in the pilot that I think, so this is my only immediate interpretation, Although the ambiguity of ’ that line could generate many more.

The return of Eve in Philadelphia is attributable to Sinclair and her mission against persecutory Nate, This time accused of murdering his wife – Fortunately, even Eve doesn't do too many problems in ’ circumvent legality. This woman has a superior who admonishes for personal use ’-making ’ of vindictive prosecution? L ’-warning threat of Annalise "You re messing ’ with the wrong bitch" – do not dream of telling this joke at least once in your life? – has no effect, This confirms that you are going to Sinclair seek his bitter fate. Its terrible bangs would have been sufficient, but Nate, Annalise, Tanner Lake and the Hapstall we ’ the embarrassment of the choice of motive.


As if having sex with Frank wasn't enough, Laurel is officially the MVP of Keating 5, awarded with the indifference of Annalise ’. Its ability to reveal every secret and use sex (the way they flirted with the doorman was hilarious) solves the case of the episode – that fear was that stalker? But its not ever keep anything to themselves for too long has gained her the hypothetical ’ of the week trophy: Laurel shows to Annalise to be one which should never bother to warn of the Frank plan, Michaela and Oliver. The insane plan; We have confirmation that this is the most suitable adjective when Keating also disapproves of him. Send to a pseudo Connor appointment with a psychopathic serial killer (Philip)? By Frank're. Michaela is now evidently eyes haunted by Caleb (or confused by the rap video of Asher). But Oliver? Even came forward in place of Connor, that obviously has replaced. With Walsh I always heart-shaped eyes and it gets worse (or better, Depending on your point of view) When he makes his protective Oliver. Connor the continuous Rod only because he wants to keep it safe, While Ollie wants to feel part of the world of boyfriend (and the legendary Justin Keating). The Coliver would be perfect in a novel ’ love. Now, however, the threat that we began to fear when the happy ending seemed achieved, materialised. Seropositivity was not an evil more than enough? As expected, Philip doesn't go all ’ date with Connor, Oliver waits at his apartment and surprises him as soon as he pulls a sigh of relief for her boyfriend. Long seconds of sheer terror and a twinge of pain that haunt us till next episode.


The flashforward concludes with the image of Bonnie on the terrace which has plunged the Sinclair, fall that stops the ’ away from Hapstall Mansion of Connor and Michaela. The Keating 4 are separated as last season; on the one hand, Connor tries to convince Michaela to leave not to repeat the mistakes of last time, from ’ more transparencies Laurel and Wes who want to stop them. And Wes had a gun in my hand, the same that Levi has left in his apartment. Narratively only a few hours in those events but the picture is still far from clear; What are all there? Where are Philip and Oliver? And our psycho-emotional balance will hold for the next two weeks?

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