How To Get Away With Murder – 2×08 Hi, The ’ m Philip – Review by S.


We are now on the eve of the great episode: very few missing pieces to complete the puzzle “who shot Annalise?”, but like last season the answer is anything but predictable.

The only certainty ’, so far, is that the Sinclair dies, and this is enough to make me happy: rarely has a person more hateful than you, and I say this not only because it puts a spoke in the wheels to our protagonist, but because it is an arrogant know-it-all ’ think the depository of absolute truth. But when ever? Go back where you came with your annoying bangs. There are no words to describe the satisfaction in seeing her fall with all shoes in the trap set by Annalise (with the crucial collaboration of Asher), He was so taken by own ego that you are not aware of anything until it was too late: next time learn to play with someone who is not on his level. Experienced them all to destroy Annalise, but the warning was clear ’: “’ you re messing with the wrong bitch”, and in fact had to collect one defeat behind other ’.


Regarding his death, instead, seem to not stay too much doubt that responsible for both Bonnie, While we have yet to understand who shot to Annalise; Bonnie always tip the scene where do you deliver the gun, especially after the quarrel between the two, that seems impossible to solve, but I don't think she did. The scene seems made for us to think, and let's not forget that we still do not know what happened to Asher: already the year ’ was excluded from murder and concealment of corpses, I don't think it is again followed the same pattern, even considering the ’ character evolution over the past episodes and the more central location which, accordingly, He hired General Dynamics Group.


The most awaited moment of this episode concerned, but, Oliver, that in the end of last week seemed on the verge of being killed at the hands of incestuous Philip. Fortunately it all worked out for the best, but Philip is increasingly unstable and always disturbing, with menacing eyes that do not promise anything good. Worse than him c ’ is only his partner snacks Catherine: If she and her brother all ’ first I convinced at all, Now we know that in the pair is disturbed that. And if then behind all the murders c ’ was this pair of psychological, I dare not imagine what will come now that the nodes are coming home to roost. In this regard,, is Wes We owe the great revelation: It's amazing how this ’ man has found the time to do a smart thinking, took ’ com is its complaints and its victimhood. Now exceeds even Michaela, that has made great strides in making itself the world's cutest (credit goes mainly to his friendship with Connor). I'm even glad she found a man near normal, Sin is the brother of a killer ’, but I mean, You can't have everything.


Despite the great revelations and the increasingly high voltage, c ’ was also on time because everyone could do sex with all; the way in which Murder manages to combine the suspense with the soap-opera side is really masterful: even more than in Grey’s Anatomy, the relationships between the characters have a vital importance in ’ balance ’ in history, and the intimate scenes are never random but always cleverly studied, with a perfect balance between ’ be carefree and vent valves take seriously.

We are almost on the eve of the eagerly awaited final winter: It was Asher? Bonnie? One of the Hapstall? Tell us that you have developed and theory, According to you, who shot Annalise.

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