How To Get Away With Murder – 2×09 What Did We Do? (Final Winter) – Review by S.


OH-MY-GOD! OH-MY-GOD! I said OH-MY-GOD?! How many irons in the fire, How many twists, How many mysteries solved and how many mysteries that thicken! There is nothing to do ’: Murder It always exceeds!

In winter long awaited final Nowalk made things even more great dell ’ last year: When the plot came a day of flashforward the suspense isn't over, nor is it limited to reveal the events of Hapstall House, but the narrative is screwed onto itself, in a new flashback game, made even more appealing by a skilled ’ Director. What about the scene in which the camera rotates around Annalise repeatedly while she, first shocked and panicked, suddenly regains control of the situation by devising a complicated plan within one second? Of course here the credit goes also to Viola Davis, absolutely masterful, unattainable, the spearhead of an outstanding show.


Regarding the events in itself, c ’ is quite a lot to say: If the last year ’ Keating Five they found no particular fault involved in dramatic but unexpected events, This season were the most active in the sequence of events; the basic scheme of the plot is the same but magnified exponentially, so much so that the same Annalise struggling to keep everything under control. When, all together at home Hapstall, think about details of the plan and the crime scene are really all a tad freaked out, everywhere you look there's a glimmer of ’ rationality or lucidity. The choice of Annalise to get shot (the leg, nowhere else, Dear Wes!) It actually makes sense, and that's enough to give a measure of how absurd the whole situation.


Everything becomes even more complicated with the ’ intersect all storyline: the Hapstall and gun case in the study of Catherine on one side, Sinclair and Asher from ’ more. After this episode and I have to say that Asher is the character that most surprised me and whose evolution has managed better, tied with Connor, but with an extra feature: his story goes to interfere directly with the main plot, Thus Asher a central and indispensable, paradoxical fact when you consider that in the first season was the only ’ not involved in Sam's death and that, in any case, until very recently he had no idea what had really happened (only in this episode, among other, He discovered that killed him were his teammates and not his BonBon). This is the umpteenth proof of ’ high quality of ’ series, who manages to expand where it would be expected, without flatten appearances and one-dimensional and stereotyped characters.


Another focal point is the flashback on Wes's childhood or ’, per essere precisi, Christoph: my co-author R. He found the small Wes very tender, I thought it was very disturbing. Certainly not more disturbing than that “What did we do?” pronunciation by Eve and addressed to Annalise; What will happen? Wes has actually killed his mother and the two simulated suicide? But why? Or Annalise and Eve to kill Wes's mother? These are among the questions that we haven't answered, along with many other: who really killed the Hapstall? What are they hiding Catherine and Philip? What will Asher at the police station?

The winter break forces us to wait until February to discover new details, and after this I can say with certainty that in the Christmas holidays will not do is eat pandoro and speculate on scenarios Christoph and Annalise, and what will the police once came home Hapstall. Series creator, Peter Nowalk, He anticipated that the next episode will be set two weeks after the fateful night, then we will find out soon if the plan worked or not: think fun if we find them all en route to death row! What do you think? What are your assumptions? To get through February we need a support group!

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