How To Get Away With Murder – 2×10 What Happened To You, Annalise? – Review by S.


La Shonda Night really is back in great form from the winter break: If you already Grey’s Anatomy He had widely exceeded expectations, Murder It was not for less and, once again, much of the credit goes to the beautiful Viola Davis.

L ’ episode repeats the usual structure of flashback and flashforward, reserving for the final minutes l ’ hold revelation (this time, the link between Annalise and little Wes), revealing though only the bare minimum so that the storyline to be exploited as long as possible. The narrative pattern is constant and, ormai, devoid of surprises, But despite this is never boring or repetitive or forced; This is because without ’ more to the texture quality and skillful ’ Director, that always manages to keep us in suspense, dosing perfectly quiet moments and shocking scenes.


The most anticipated moment by all was certainly the comparison Annalise and Wes (or Christophe who if you prefer); apparently this is not a bond mother – son (at least not biologically speaking), How many suspected, but something more complicated. Annalise and Wes's mother knew each other, but it was a chance encounter or orchestrated mysterious purpose? And what happened to the son of Annalise? How her pregnancy is linked to the suicide of his mother by Wes? Come sempre, Murder provides us with an answer and at the same time gives rise to a thousand other questions. A parte questo, After a number of murders and people that carries every where, arises a question: Why Annalise never closes the front door key? Ciò detto, once again Annalise confirms to be one of the most successful characters in the television landscape in recent years: He has hallucinations of children and abandoned children all the time, but when addressing the ever-whiny Wes his reaction is ’ other than materna: “you ruined me”, tells him, and here in a moment changes everything, It only takes three words to allude to a past much more complicated than expected, to emphasize how Professor Keating is a complex woman and endless facets.


Much changed is the ’ atmosphere in the Group of Keating Five, led by Frank and Bonnie: After the events at home Hapstall no one is excluded and, on the contrary, the bond became even more closely to all; c ’ is some underlying tension, the rest are linked forever by sincere affection but by a trail of murders, but it is possible that this is the starting point for closer links from real (as it seems to be, for example, for Connor and Michaela or Laurel, that more polishes, who does a little’ the mercy of others). Some more’ confused, instead, the relationship between Justin and Bonnie: sometimes thorough and sometimes put aside, It can't come to understand completely what binds these two women and what's exactly in their past; at the beginning of the season looked like it had started “Bonnie period”, but these events have a little’ moved l ’ attention. 'M still very curious to find out more, also because the ’ interpretation of Liza Weil so worth it.

In Conclusion, for a change we were with a desire to learn more, in anticipation of the next episode to find out what the hell he combined Annalise in his mysterious past.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ OMG

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