How To Get Away With Murder – 2×11 She Hates Us – Review by S.


Slowly the pieces of the puzzle come together and the picture of the past by Annalise (and Wes) takes shape before our eyes, small revelations throughout the ’ episode begin to satisfy the curiosity that devours us for months.

This was an episode all in all quiet, with the case of the week to distract from the main storyline and easing a little’ tension; the slower the developments went hand in hand with the State ’ soul of Annalise, still convalescing and much more quiet and calm than usual. In addition there are ongoing flashback, We know even young Bonnie and Frank in circumstances more or less ordinary; in this way the authors allowed viewers to relax, to plunge into the past of Annalise and members to browse unmolested in their world: We see again Annalise pregnant, We find Sam in version loving husband, We find that initially Frank worked more for him than for his wife and identify the starting points of some current storyline. This climate of relaxation and curiosity is interrupted only by the sudden flashforward of murders and betrayals, that break this idyllic and bring us back to reality that we know. It is with this frame of mind that we are served the usual final revelation: Annalise and Wes's mother are linked by a case in which the first was working, saying it can protect its new “friend”; So what went wrong? How the two women are involved in that case never heard?


Now that Wes has been made aware of all it is possible that we will come to know more, always he decides to continue the whining of the victim; they couldn't keep him locked up in Psychiatry some more ’? It was so well without him! Even Asher he could have saved himself by making l ’ offended by Connor, It's not that they were ever been best friends, What was expected? Appreciate the sweet gesture and effort to help you out instead of wasting time to recriminate poppycock. This is true in General for all Keating Five, who decided to make the unruly children with poor Annalise: and say that by now they should have learned to be grateful for having them protected every time, invece no, still have the courage to take it with you. For what then? Why do the nightmares at night? I quote Annalise reminding everyone who committed several crimes and none of them went one day in prison, so as far as I'm concerned would do well to get back in line and show some’ of gratitude. But they will come back to you with your tail between your legs, now that Connor received the mysterious video: and who else should be, otherwise?


Only positive words, instead, are expenses for Frank: that tender! That lovely man! Laurel's speech was not a fold, they were cute together their relationship was based more on secrets and lies that the sincerity; and if until recently Frank would never compromise your situation and your work for you, Right now, tagged with cornered by Laurel, He is in his eyes the change; in those few seconds he fought with himself to do the right thing, the safer, but things had changed: He was ready to risk it all rather not miss Laurel. If this is not love! And so you are exposed as never before d ’ now, revealing what nobody knew: What will the consequences be? Who else will discover that he is the real murderer of Lila?

Once again Murder does what he does best: to continually renew the prospects and the implications of the plots, so that there is no need to invent new increasingly improbable storyline just to keep alive ’ attention, at the same time, avoiding the narrative against drying, continuing to dig, deeper and deeper, in the minds of everyone.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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