How To Get Away With Murder – 2×12 ’ it s A Trap – Review by S.


The twist in the plot twist, What could be better? this week Murder he resumed his pace, and between an angle and l ’ other ’ there's really no time to catch my breath.

I Keating Five (temporarily reduced to three) They soon realize how silly and unproductive tantrum with Annalise, and in fact they come to her with your tail between your legs begging for help now they are blackmailed by Phillip (It is supposed); Hopefully this time they learned their lesson and stop having fits of hysteria. Obviously Annalise helps them find their lucidity and rationality, without falling into the trap of serial killer, that fear of getting caught is his primary weapon. The thing seems to work, even Asher for a moment back to always, tearing everyone a smile; Unfortunately does not last long, and the standoff with Phillip starts again: not only knows what happened that night at home Hapstall, but there is still spying, is around them, is near. I love that this ’ EDP is back on stage, continue to talk about it without doing anything more would make the smoky texture, While thus also events that now seem distant in time remain fresh in our memory, continuously retrieved and source of ever new consequences.


Separate chapter to Wes and Laurel, taking care of the situation and decide to get to the bottom: COS ’ happened to Wes ' mother and what ’ enters Annalise? The death of woman, obviously, turns out to be different from what they had always thought: not only didn't commit suicide, But even this is a simulated suicide for revenge due to lack of witness; anything but, It seems that to feed the knife in the throat has been the little adorable innocent son Wes: It gets interesting! That Wes could be the real culprit is a ’ hypothesis that fan ventilated already long ago, and the rest just Rebecca, during the first season, wove this doubt, managing to raise some doubts in the Keating Five; at that time seemed just one of her attempts at misdirection but, you know, nothing happens by chance. Moreover Wes has always been seen as the most innocent, not surprisingly nicknamed “Puppy”, and the surprises are always by ’ individual less suspect everyone.


But the real question I ask at this point is a ’ other: Annalise I certainly knew that, Once he had all the cards of the process, for Wes would not have been hard to go deeper; with ’ help from Laurel they put almost half a day to discover the big secret. So what, I wonder, What are you getting Annalise? What is your purpose? The episode closes with the sentence of Laurel “Did Wes kill his mother?”, d ’ effect almost as “Why is your penis on a dead girl's phone?”, but I don't think you will be surprised of what we expect Annalise, c ’ is definitely some plan behind.

I'm very sorry about Laurel, instead, passing by a murderer all ’ more, to top it off with Wes, but then, dear girl, Open your eyes: You Frank in front of, crying asking to give it a chance, You can't just plant it in the lurch so! Much less to go Kiss Wes, looks like your little brother! Please, pull yourself together!

A beautiful episode in which Murder back to spoil ourselves, with those twists and turns that a year ago there were conquering permanently: from who killed Lila, in who killed Rebecca to who killed the mother of Wes, the authors of the series didn't really lose a shot.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ OMG

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