How To Get Away With Murder – 2×13 Something Bad Happened – Review by S.


And nothing, the wonderful ability to have among us a baby killer, a psychopath who stabs his mother, is now diminished: “of course not” answered the question of Laurel on the past by Wes Annalise, and it was immediately clear that it was lying. Too bad.

Despite this, the revelation about death of Rose is not disappointing, on the contrary: the harrowing scene of the son that is poured on the ground and the pain of Annalise (pregnant) in order to help that child not fully satisfy our palates of greedy viewers. But if the ’ execution of the scenes was commendable, to leave me a little’ puzzled is the decision itself Rose to commit suicide: a devoted mother like her doing this to his son, without first even ensure that it is well, without him, without leaving a note? I would find more consistent that agreed to be deported, at least it would have remained free and would have started in some other way, with fatigue but with dignity intact. Invece no, succumbs to pressure from the wealthy and powerful leaving behind just a big mess.

The first consequence of the suicide of her son's moaning are Roses Wes, they decided to psicanalizzarsi alone and turn in Midsomer murders ’ to reveal every mystery; ora, I wonder, Why do all that work, take planes, Fidget and puzzling if it would travel a few meters walk and go ask for Annalise? Just do l ’ offended, Wes, even l ’ image of the frightened child that you were able to get us to tolerate your got issues.


Even Laurel She lost patience, on the contrary, It went all too well for him: He could have saved himself the clashes with Annalise on behalf of Supreme Truth, also because we know that this desire for clarity is a reaction to the confession of Frank on Lila. Obviously no secret remains ever that for more than a quarter d ’ now, and here's that smart ’ Bonnie understands that something is brewing, very little is needed to find out what it is: What will this time ’ information? He suspected that it was Frank to kill Lila, and not Sam as everyone believed? Know what hit Frank to Sam? We learned that nothing ever happens by accident, and even that Bonnie is much more formidable than it might appear; per di più, only two episodes in season finale, then it is certain that there will be some important and revolutionary result.


Meanwhile c ’ is also Phillip, that finally manifests itself and goes into action: the Keating Five spend their time complaining and worrying but, once again, is Justin who faces the worst by saving them. L ’ also did this whole episode, and I must say that the staging of the search warrant was really well built: a move worthy of every self-respecting legal thriller, that shows a little’ the origins of the series, since sometimes processes and justice seem to overshadow, taken as we are by all the other protagonists ' pseudo-personal stories.

Once again a successful episode, with the right balance between past and present, between private dramas and main storyline; the finale nears but now, Unlike ’ last year, l ’ goal is not so much discover something that save themselves from someone. Eppure, a big mystery remains: COS ’ happened to the son of Annalise?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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