How To Get Away With Murder – 2×14 There's My Baby ’ – Review by S.


We are on the eve of the season finale and couldn't ask for better in this series: the plot unfolds in a masterly way, every plot twist is perfectly calibrated and nothing happens by accident.

The cliffhanger of ’ aggression by Annalise resolves very quickly and the presence of Phillip, more than a real threat, ’ becomes the occasion giving rise to other events, different and more important. Forced into a forced cohabitation, com ’ is natural, among the Keating Five tension rises, also because of the sudden interrogation to which they are subjected. Are all pretty tenderness, starting from Asher that feels guilty and ’ only to falter a bit’ in front of the Prosecutor, until Connor, who realizes when compromised relations with its “sweet Oliver”. It's hard to stay indifferent even ahead of Michaela, who doesn't know which way to turn; at least sleep with Asher is a better reaction of hysterics of ’ last year.


But two other key aspects of this episode: the first is the complete reconstruction of the events of 10 years ago and past of Wes. Once again, the point wasn't so much who was responsible for a murder, precisely to Rose, because the context in which that death occurred: What really concerns are the reasons all ’ origin of matter. That's what makes Murder a great series, the ability to make details and rich stories that writers of lower skill would solve so trivial. So what, even after discovering that Rose is really committed suicide, even after discovering that he was threatened by her boss, What matters is no longer this: What matters is that the boss is the father of Wes. Now we find a way to all actions and false truths by Annalise; We're not watching a cheesy detective story, This is a legal drama in which the Center there are only cases to solve, the Center c ’ is human life, in all its facets.


The second great merit of Murder is knowing how to link each storyline all ’ other like a perfect puzzle; l’murder of Lila It looked in the past, but in reality it is not so: It all started from there, It is no coincidence that it all begins to come afloat now. On the one hand, flashbacks take us back to the origins of the relationship between Frank and the Keating, from ’ more sentimental crisis between him and Laurel is the perfect pretext for closing the loop; ora, almost at the same time, even Bonnie and Annalise know everything, and that's how the second season finale is tied to double strand just to the pilot. If this is not art!

Icing on the cake, once again, l ’ like no other Viola Davis: as you'd expect, in the scenes of child loss was sublime, It almost felt like being with her in that cold room; the same applies to remorse and guilt that you read on his face during confession to Wes: even in the most tragic, It is a pleasure to watch her.

With this background I expect big things from the final: so far Murder It has never let us down, ’ will all rise to the occasion this time?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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