How To Get Away With Murder – 2×15 Anna Mae (Season Finale) – Review by S.


The second season of Murder has come to an end and, just for a change, nothing is what it looked like; We are now over the twists, Here the authors skillfully juggles between half truths and new discoveries, and so just a breath of wind to revolutionize all our certainties.

For starters, After weeks spent in terror for the looming presence of the serial killer Phillip here is that we rediscover tender lamb, only one other victim of the treacherous ’ Caleb Hapstall. This is the ’ single point on which I would like to make a criticism: Although the explanation of the facts was logical and consistent, It must be said that Phillip committed really to look guilty, l ’ activity of stalking is certainly not screaming “help, I'm innocent”. Ciò detto, I really enjoyed the double face of Caleb, they first scrub sister (and kills the rest of the family) and after care Annalise and his to save himself: an evil genius. Sin committed suicide, I would have loved to meet him again, without masks; rest, from ’ beginning c ’ was something that sounded strange, but I was thinking more like all ’ incest with sister; the most skilled of the series was to let us slowly reevaluate, thanks largely to the history with Michaela (tough luck in love, poor thing), letting us turn down your defenses and striking at the right time: Well done, Norwalk, Well done.


There has instead committed suicide, per fortuna, our beloved Frank: but where are you Frank, dove?? Don't be a stranger, You can't leave us so! While Laurel sought him for the House felt climb l ’ agitation, the fear of seeing his body hang from some improvised noose; know that he's alive is only cold comfort, now everything will change in the dynamics between him and the other characters, especially between him and Annalise. The mysterious connection between Frank and Sam turned out to be more tragic than anything else, not a shocking gossip about criminals, but an overwhelming sense of guilt for years. I understand the pain of Annalise, but poor Frank has now atoned for his sins, No one could give a second chance?


At the time Annalise It's not d ’ agreement, and it is unclear whether with words “He has to go” Bonnie meant facing “fire him” or “kill him”, and we know that this woman can expect everything. The discovery of the truth about the death of her child the door to find comfort, as in the darkest moments of his life, in the arms of mother. Review Cicely Tyson is always a pleasure, but I must say they spend more than half the episode in his house, between a family lunch and ’ more, is perhaps a little’ troppo. I loved the scene where Annalise finally grieves over the loss of his son, and never would have been able to do that without the mother, but everything else seems wasted time; the judgment applies in particular to the storyline on the parent: introduce it now all the sudden ’ doesn't do anything, has only served to put Annalise opposite the blunt truth and make her realize how much, in realtà, are similar, but the same result could be achieved in any other way, without adding characters at the last moment. Obviously the despair of Annalise doesn't lasts forever, and when the Keating Five they find out who's the rat she's back in top form, humiliating the d.a. as only she can do.

I can't, instead, to feel any empathy for Wes: the intimate sufferings related to his origins disappear from my mind as soon as I am in front of that whiny face, always with that questioning look and uncertain. What a bummer, Wes! A po’ brio is brought by Wallace's assassination ’ Mahoney, just a moment before responding to Wes: who will be the enforcer? Like many, I also immediately thought of Frank, they now have to try to redeem themselves for forgiveness by Annalise. Moreover Frank also appeared very suspicious when he learned of the biological father of Wes, dev ’ be a reason.

Once again Murder fully meets expectations: closes the storyline which would have nothing more to say and, at the same time, leave some areas of shade, those gray areas from which they take off plots new but always linked to past events. It's really admirable how events just narrated are inextricably linked to those of the pilot, but seem boring or repetitive content in any way. So what, congratulations to the authors of this series for one more season of great television ’.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ OMG

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