How To Get Away With Murder – 3×02 There Are Worse Things Than Murder – Review by S.


We met Justin Keating as a proud woman and determined, that slowly there has also unveiled its weaknesses and hidden sides, far from the image of ’ ’ lawyer determined and always winning: and all ’ start of this third season we find exactly so, one of the most complex and multifaceted characters tv.

L’Annalise Dell ’ beginning episode is in stark contrast to that of the finale and the flashforward: initially, combative as ever, in open warfare with the Faculty Council, at whose decisions refuses to submit, practically forcing everyone to his will; subsequently, a woman in the grip of panic and hysteria for the ’ fire of his house and a sudden tragedy. But even there, even in that moment of confusion and despair, a moment before being arrested, Annalise not succumb entirely to emotions: is aware enough to plan his next move (with the help of Oliver ’), doing it under my eyes to police officers. This is precisely what we love most about her and this series: nothing is ever exactly as it sounds. Who would ever doubt his shock in those scenes? Eppure, a moment later, Behold the tears stop flowing and Machiavellian mind is new all ’ work.


Do you, as you'd expect, more complicated the situation of Frank: the fear for the fate of ’ private investigator was soon set aside and, along with Bonnie, Annalise already spins a Web of his plan with the kind cooperation of Laurel; It is evident that both know a lot more about what they say, not only on the past of ’ former trusted employee, but also about current motivations that drive his deeds. In addition to the dead man's identity ’ sotto il lenzuolo flashback, to Frank is the central mystery of this season, and last year we learned already l ’ that this is a man of many secrets: really a noteworthy counterpart Annalise! But how do I connect the events of flashforward and disappearance of Frank? Who is the dead under the sheet? Why Annalise should set fire to his house? And those flyers all over the campus? It's really too early to even imagine the development of events, We just have to be patient.


I have little patience even Keating Five, the only ones who still care about the case Mahoney: you evidently have any relevance, also just because Wes could be investigated, but for now on that front does not stir anything. Students are very active also in terms of privacy: Michaela and Asher go towards achieving that could really have something (and here I was hoping for a still backfire with BonBon!), but the real crux is the poor Connor, abandoned by his Olly. It's fun to notice how, Despite Connor's l ’ only one I had a stable relationship and almost normal in recent years, in the eyes of all is still the guy easy and unreliable of yesteryear: don't you see how she suffers, poor thing? Oliver also has its reasons, but much will continue to see each other and then I trust happy ending.

As usual, We find ourselves at the end of episode with more questions than answers, but I did have the callus; and we have now also the official hashtag ’: who is #underthesheet?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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