How To Get Away With Murder – 3×03 Always Bet Black – Review by S.


We had just started to develop theories on ’ identity of dead body under the sheet and here everything is again called into question: only Murder can always use the same technique to spanning attractive archaeological twists without missing a shot ever.

As if l ’ arrest of his fire for ’ Justin wasn't enough, the big revelation is that someone else is almost died that night, so now we have two identities to be revealed. One of the most popular for the body under the sheet was Olly, but the ’ we had to immediately exclude: our favorite hacker is alive and well and, Despite the good intentions of keeping him away from danger, There is in too deep. It could have gone differently, anyone, howsoever, Enter the small circle of Annalise is destined to suffer the consequences for a long time. The same applies to the Dean: I still can't tell if the Hargrove is a Wolf dressed as a lamb, or if you really have good intentions but must undergo powers stronger than you; Anyway, Remember too the poor Emily Sinclair from last season: don't really know what you're getting yourself into, and each episode increases the risk that you become a victim of accidental secrets by Annalise.


The Keating Five, purtroppo, do not give great satisfaction: Laurel with his perpetual pout is almost more annoying about Wes, and as if that weren't enough, now he thinks he's clever enough to fool Annalise and Bonnie in the research of Frank. We already know how this will end, pointless rage. I hoped to learn a little’ deeper Laurel's father and his family's history, that in the promo had much aimed, Instead we were limited to the usual hints on mother; aside from discovering that Laurel has been kidnapped, you have not said much, but since we have to spend half the episode to follow his story could also show us something more. I don't want to spend words on useless ’ Wes, that persists in pretending to live in a fairy world with Maggie, While with great surprise I shippare Asher and Michaela: He's really changed a lot from the beginning of the series ’, and along with Connor is now l ’ only worthy of attention.


Despite international searches and wiretaps, on the issue Frank We made little progress: It has finally deigned to answer endless phone calls to Laurel, but it had for her words very affectionate; what you do now depends on the plan that was put into his head (ex) girlfriend: He'd fall for that, will play d ’ advance, the ignores, will priest? Who knows! We are in the third episode and still pretty much zero clues about her storyline.

In Conclusion, an episode bridge where the focus was more on the case of the week (bound to have other repercussions, I think) What about flashforward detectors; missing were the foundations in order to get to the heart of the main storyline, always waiting to discover that there is #underthesheet but also in the burning house.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ We want Olly as next 007

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