How To Get Away With Murder – 3×04 Don t Tell ’ Annalise – Review by S.


By Annalise now we learned many things: is combative and proud, but it's also very lonely; This is because, with the ’ childhood and the life you had, However much you efforts cannot keep too long a healthy relationship with others. It is the husband, a student or his collaborator, everything ends up being distorted and eventually, to self-destruct.

This time it was Nate and Eve: in different ways, both have reached a turning point in their relationship with Annalise. That of Nate It was definitely a negative turn, a break, easily predictable after the calm of recent weeks; He is a good man ’, made for a serene and reassuring, and however strong is the ’ attraction that binds them, Annalise cannot and does not know what he is looking for him. Much less now that it is in the darkest period of his life perhaps; and here comes Eve, immediately come to the aid of his friend/lover: the feeling between the two remains difficult and uncertain as we had left, but this time it's Eve to take things in hand: the relationship with Annalise not the door ever anywhere, and you deserve to find love elsewhere ’; both are mature enough to understand and recognize the time to say goodbye. A bitter farewell but no hard feelings, that leaves behind the memory of sadness but also a great affection.


The strength of Annalise lies in being able to use in his favour even the worst misfortunes that befalls her, and while he may be overwhelmed by anger during the rant with Nate, He accuses her of being a ’ alcoholic, his Machiavellian mind already is set in motion. The State of having problems with ’ alcohol is the perfect excuse to get out more or less unscathed from mess with ’ lawyers, or at least to regain its license. This can help you not lose your job all ’ University, but on that front the troubles are only beginning: It outlines a pattern of vested interests arrayed against her and the war with Dean is now open and declared; at this point there is little the usual tactic of appearing determined and threatening, Annalise must prepare for a clash across the Board, and apparently the cheap shots are not excluded. Despite all the mishaps incurred so far, the work as a lawyer and taught was always remained a staple, the certainty around which manage the chaos that was created elsewhere; Right now, instead, also this ’ last stronghold appears to crumble before our eyes, risking everything Annalise has experienced in recent vent ’ years of his life.


L ’ highlight of ’ episode was certainly ’ the revelation of who was the second person of the burning house: the annoying Laurel, who has the innate ability to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is a vice that stresses throughout the episode, as to not being able to keep my mouth shut; aside from revealing to Wes his useless surprise party (that shows up dressed like a sad nun, Despite to get to class seems the Google CEO), just discovered the death of his father by Bonnie the spill for everything he knows (wouldn't it have been better directly last week then?), reaching its conclusions and starting on a tangent without ever having any information. It remains to see who got pregnant: the fact that the news had come from Maggie makes me seriously concerned that something might happen with Wes; I sincerely hope it is not so, because it would be like to attend a incest; in the coming four weeks can review Frank? Actually it looks like he's about to go on stage, is getting closer and closer to the lives of our protagonists, so even this possibility cannot be ruled out.


However, I do not understand how Frank may have fallen in love with Laurel: Despite all the crimes that dot its past is still at an entirely different level. This is demonstrated by the fact that, while trying to escape from Annalise, He took the trouble to avenge abuses suffered by Bonnie: have a friend who makes killer on Board may have its advantages! There remain, instead, four more episodes to find out who the dead body under the bed sheet: are increasingly concerned about Connor, and the constant skirmishes with Oliver (But why not get back together, because??), dictated only by a feeling alive, are the classic Harbinger that something is going to turn them away even more. Whereas Jessica Fletcher to novels by Camilla Läckberg not guess anything, I hope I'm wrong again!

Approaching the classical revelation of mid-season, the tension is making palpable; the secret of Laurel, by the next episode we should have some more gusset to start a ’ idea of who was behind the leaflets and how you get to that final mysterious fire, which is still struggling to locate the origins. You thought you? Tell us in the comments!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Only a broken heart for Connor and Oliver

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