How To Get Away With Murder – 3×05 ’ it's About Frank – Review by S.


This review may be short: given a top Emmy to Viola Davis, and maybe also a joy to Bonnie. End of the review.

L ’ episode was less thrilling and shocking than others, but no less impact or importance. The mysterious man (at least we know he's a man!) died in ’ fire and the mysterious Laurel's pregnancy played a role almost marginal, While the ’ attention focused on free fall (personal and professional development) by Annalise and bad luck to Bonnie, in sweet company of Frank.


There are few things to metabolize, so you better go in order. First of all ask a question to all of you, loyal readers: where the hell did this came unexpected liaison between Bonnie and Frank? Years and years working side by side without anything to happen and now this? Nor is the passion of a night, all ’ sudden fantastic on picnics in Oregon ’! When it happened?! Because I knew nothing?! M it will take all week to get used to this new, and other revelations could put seriously at risk my balance. I understand the feeling of being bound by their ordeal in the House Keating, I understand l ’ affection that binds them after he has Avenged his sufferings of baby, But why speak of having children remains an unfathomable mystery. Frank can definitely have spoken in the wake of despair: the rest now thinks he has lost everything, all you, During his time in jail, He didn't even know you could; now it sticks all ’ only concrete thing that remains in his life, that is, l ’ affection for Bonnie, but it is a completely unrealistic perspective. He maybe understands, but Bonnie's reaction when he finds out that Frank if n ’ went tells a different story ’: Perhaps he hoped that fictitious future even worse than he, and actually it's not that her life has been far more successful.


It's not even very balanced Annalise, that gets lost in ’ self pity before (we reflect all the scene of Libra: the result is unreliable because I have the robes/extensions/reconstructed nails/heavy suit) and in ’ alcohol after. Like any self-respecting self-destructive, There are some elements that could not fail: the call to ’ former boyfriend pitiful all regret what he lost, the most tragic moments of life remembering masochism (records of the number of abortions and marital crisis Annalise) and despair in the arms of ’ only person willing to help her (the fact that it's a student makes the picture even more depressing). If the touching and emotional narrative isn't enough, the skill of Viola Davis was the icing on the cake: despair painted on her face, worth for itself that you could read in the eye while Wes the removed the vomit from your hair (100% Indians!) they made it impossible not to feel affection for Annalise; I raised myself to take her to bed and stop at least for a while’ his pain. Of course the day after Professor Keating's new Office and rampant, ready to attack again with the Dean, that presents a summons by two thousand pages written in record time (But how does??): that woman!


The annoying Simon, instead, explains his sudden presence on our screens proving (For now) responsible for the flyers against Annalise scattered across campus; Obviously this superficial explanation will never be enough, What is your motive? Why did ’? Certainly he's hiding something, it becomes more and more concrete the possibility of a link between him and the ’ fire of flashforward (It is not in the style of Murder Insert storyline at random without a precise link). And speaking of fire, increase more and more fears that under the sheet there is Connor; the worried face of Oliver who can't get in touch with him says a lot. And what's he doing Michaela in mutter, She said plague and antlers only a few minutes before (Cheers for the scenes in which gives rambunctious, by the way). I find it increasingly difficult, instead, support the presence of Laurel, with that ’ air upset perpetually painted on the face; Apart from make me shudder for the ’ approach with Wes, does not lose its bad habit of talking too much and with the wrong people: And so, here in four and four ’ eight blurts to Annalise the truth about Frank and Bonnie, that obviously appears behind him and is about to be stoned alive by her boss.

An episode rather rich, insomma, Although not one of the most shocking; How many things can happen with a little’ of alcohol and sadness at the disposal, eh?! Probably I will turn to the bottle to calm nerves at the thought of who the hell is the devil of sheet.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Remember to remove her robe when you weigh!

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