How To Get Away With Murder 3×06 – Is Someone Really Dead? – Review by S.


I don't know how to explain the emotional failure that left me wearing this episode: the sex scene that most feared increasingly strong suspicions that both Connor to die under the bloody sheet, It's hard to say what distressed me more.

After last week, Annalise has taken over the reins of his life and seems to have more control over everything what happens around; This is demonstrated by taking care of Wes, as usual find in her a mother figure while they're there to complain and make the sacrifice. His attitude has me a little’ exasperated (in case you had not yet understood), and I understand the reactions of the other (Bonnie and Connor in the first place) When they accuse him of being, in background, l ’ solely responsible for every casino that has affected their lives over the past three years. This led him to be increasingly marginalized, fate that (finally) It is also up to Laurel: In addition to not yet having lost the habit of speaking out of turn, are finally exposed all the secrets that he tried to keep from others thinking a great puppeteer, with the consequence of being ostracized as the worst plague. Even her a little’ He deserves it. Being in the same sad position, Wes and Laurel have the way smoothed to surrender to that flirtation that had long sneaks between them: see them sleeping together was almost creepy (even Cersei and Jaime in Game of Thrones I make this effect); In addition to the almost brotherly relationship that binds them, He joins the fact that he always seems to be a kid, much smaller than Laurel; Although the scene emphasized, perhaps intentionally, the difference in height between the two and the muscular shoulders of him, I just can't bring myself to take it seriously in that context. In addition to this, If Wes shed Maggie, you do not understand what ’ think Laurel, It takes so much away from Frank but until ten minutes before the whiny voice again unhelpful. L ’ most important observation nonetheless is as follows: How do you go from Frank to Wes? Such As??


Thankfully c ’ were Michaela and Asher to balance a little’ le cose; If someone had told me l ’ two years ago I never would have believed, Yet here I am rooting for this couple. He turned out really a guy from the heart d ’ gold, along with Connor is the character with the most profound evolution ’; and fortunately also Michaela if no ’ is realized, lowering his defenses and finally admitting that among them is born something. We do not have the same luck with Oliver, which as far as I'm concerned it could also stop the precious: you went looking for yourself for a month, Now you acknowledge how you were lucky and snap out l ’ most wonderful man ever! Just online dating, what you need is already there before your eyes!


Annalise and Bonnie are for ’ once again struggling with their push and pull, where the first attack and the second cash without even budge a centimeter from his position; the difference, this time, is that despite the split between the two and the charges of treason by Annalise, Bonnie defends his actions and defends Frank, some of his sincerity. And indeed there seems to have been right, It seems that Frank didn't want them but help them, and l ’ stopping the son of Mahoney does nothing but confirm it. Can we trust? It's finally time to take back Frank in the team? Annalise has its reasons to hate him, but without him in action the framework doesn't seem quite complete.

Unfortunately the final minutes of the episode were not very positive: Asher is safe, then the suspects as to who is to die in ’ fire still focus more on Connor and Wes; desperate reaction of Annalise would perhaps look at the second, for which nourishes an almost maternal feeling, but now we know to never let your guard down. Another candidate for the papacy is Born, While Frank is probably the person on the phone with Bonnie in hospital… but there are still too many unknowns, and I just can't make myself an ’ idea what could lead to the arrest of ’ ’ fire and Annalise. Now I give up, so are the big reveal, certainly one of the most anticipated events of this autumn.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – I preferred Cersei and Jaime

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