How To Get Away With Murder – 3×07 Call It Mother's Intuition ’ – Review by S.


Only two episodes in mid-season finale but the confusion on the events of the night of ’ fire continues unabated, on the contrary, We can say that we are in the mist.

It cannot be said that there have been no new data elements: between the return of Frank and Wes initiatives we have quite a lot to comment. Frank, our beautiful and damned from the heart d ’ gold, It was finally decided to return home and ask forgiveness: but it goes wrong with Bonnie, they know very well to be only his second choice, and the goes wrong even with Laurel, now lost in the arms of Wes.


In this eerie triangle Frank is perhaps the most sane, then think about what level you will find the other two. Seeing them again roll around in the Hay he permanently did Miss l ’ innocence, l ’ image is so etched in my mind that you will find me in a corner in the fetal position while rocking jiggling his head to try to forget. A parte questo, Neither seems particularly bright: the scene that Laurel does one Annalise, accusing it of treating her like a puppet, It's ridiculous to put it mildly; Although there was always hidden purpose, Annalise has repeatedly relied on Laurel, She's the one who decided on schedule to make his own way convinced of having all the answers, creating a new casino on time.


Wes is that a harder to decipher: It is well known that I can't stand that his attitude as a martyr, I enjoy just basking in the ’ self-pity and pose as poor victim on duty, I find it unbearable. With this in mind, You can imagine my reaction to the discovery that Wes is the anonymous source that leads to ’ arrest of Annalise shortly after the ’ fire. However, We should have learned that things are seldom what they seem; as I noted my co-author R., It is possible that Wes and Annalise are d ’ agreement and that the tip is just one part of an overall plan to get something that we still do not know. This theory also makes sense considering the special relationship between Justin and Wes, not only maternal but far deeper than the other Keating Five; no coincidence that Wes is the unique ’ not to participate in the public pillory by Annalise, Why not c ’ 's nothing unsaid and repressed, they know very well what they think l ’ one of ’ other. It remains to be seen what happens in the House and why come all ’ fire: Why Annalise calls them to collect from you? It wouldn't be shocking that l ’ fire was arson, but to hide what?


To conclude, Let goodness a chorus of joy for the reconstituted Union of Coliver: at this point I don't even remember why they left, But what is important is that l ’ l ’ universe has corrected this terrible mistake and the stars are perfectly aligned again.

The revelation of who is under the sheet is fast approaching: the dying declaration of Laurel indicates that the victim is Wes? Mi sembra un po’ too easy (Although this would put in danger again Connor), Maybe you plan to charge him with setting l ’ fire? Or someone dies that there ’ nothing and Peter Nowalk is secretly laughing at us? Whatever., at least they returned the Coliver, You can't have everything.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – The real star is the Laurel

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