How To Get Away With Murder – 3×08 No More Blood – Review by S.


Murder now it's a safe bet: hard to be disappointed by an episode, especially one of those behind the winter finale, loads and revelations.

After weeks of distance, without that never even turned on the phone in spite of their relationship was that in the middle of everything, Finally we see the meeting of Frank and Annalise: He returns from a long absence to ask forgiveness, She puts it to work immediately but forgiveness is not an option either. The pain that she suffered because of her is too big and too alive, but most of all what Annalise doesn't know to forgive is that Frank has witnessed that pain for years without ever help her while being directly responsible. Frank, Now we learned, He didn't because he is a ruthless killer on Commission from the heart of stone: He did it because he was looking for a second chance, He hoped, by agreeing to do anything, to atone for the guilt that tortured him inside. Obviously he didn't succeed very well, and the situation between the two could only get this far: direct and violent confrontation, extreme. Frank seems to succumb to the need to be forgiven and give meaning to his life, While Justin seems to succumb to the desire for revenge and hatred that blinds. The scene of the gun to his mouth with the cries of Annalise and Bonnie kept us in suspense, and now it is clear that there will take moves the actions leading up to the fire and the death of the mysterious man.


The identity of who's under the sheet remains yet to be revealed: currently, even considering the reaction of Annalise at the sight of the body, popular names were born and, to surprise, Wes: necessarily have to be someone who is particularly important for you, so maybe the flashforward him the police are just before the fire, Maybe arrives at the last moment and stays trapped; This theory would also explain the reaction of Laurel, Maybe not ran to try to help him and that he made his name in the hospital. There are also those who bet on Frank, assuming that the fire is set to hide the traces of his death (could shoot the same Annalise?), but with those eyes full of tears I would have forgiven anything, I don't want her to die!


For weeks there were fears for the fate of Connor, undoubtedly one of the fan favourite, but with great relief in the final scene we found it to be safe, under another type of sheets with Thomas. Ecco, on this point you need a small digression: I don't appreciate particularly the choice of this partner, though the desire for a nice rebound against Oliver is more than understandable: because it insists on not understanding? Connor did everything to him, certainly that's what strove and exposed more, Oliver should by now understand that things left unsaid are those only for love, to protect him and Yes, Connor also same, But what's wrong with that? Doesn't make it out of selfishness, but for survival instincts, It is not fair to accuse him and do it and feel guilty.


Continue, purtroppo, the effusions of happy couples Laurel-Wes: see them hugging makes me the same effect as the sound of fingernails on chalkboard, I hope to clear somehow that image out of my mind. He does both the great man but next to her is not credible, looks like one with the Oedipus complex, a child looking for a mother figure instead of a man with a woman to love. At least if he dies we will end this suffering. Luckily there are Asher and Michaela: are so tender and loving that persuaded me entirely, erasing the last vestiges of nostalgia for Bonbons.

I wonder, instead, If your question is not somehow involved fire the principal Hargrove: What sense does the storyline jumped there? Why continue to do this see? If it were a side plot would not all this space behind the mid-season finale, at least not in a series as Murder. But maybe I'm delusional because of the stress of waiting! It's very little, and like every year this series keeps us perfectly on your toes, with the right pace, without ever becoming tedious or repetitive nor, no small feat considering the ease of falling back on clichés and plots already proposed.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – Frank, Don't do that!

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