How To Get Away With Murder – 3×09 Who ’ s Dead? (Final Winter) – Review by S.


L ’ I mentioned several times in the course of ’ last year, Yet it is worth pointing out once again l ’ enviable ability to Murder to find continual inspiration from a single texture, even when it looked exhausted, holding standing entire seasons on the same storyline without ever falling into repetitiveness.

And in this mid-season finale, When we finally is revealed, business under the sheet, We have the answer to a question that haunts us for months, Here is that everything is linked with unthinkable naturalness to the events of the second season, in turn directly linked to ’ year before. I links between the individual seasons I've never been stopped completely, just think of all the current storyline of Frank ’, resulting from the events of the case from the ’ murder of Mahoney and Lila, where it all began. Eppure, seemed to be starting points from which you passed through to some extent independent storyline, It's really admirable the way, instead, the famous flashforward they resent the death of Rebecca (that seemed forgotten) and, then, all Sam's murder ’, carried out in parallel by Oliver and Connor.


This ability of the series even more jumps to the eye if you think everything is set in a context that has inherently the almost sure to stay landlocked and vie d ’ exit: the school or college that inevitably ends, a group of students that will inevitably grow and turn away from campus… you could make an endless list of tv series that started well but soon after folded on themselves without knowing how to move forward once exhausted what could happen in such a closed and ontologically limited (I will l ’ example of Glee, the most emblematic series of scatafascio postgraduate, but it's just one of the many). Not that Murder is completely free of this risk, even the Keating Five will not study law forever, but already get to the third season without reshuffling of characters and plot increasingly absurd and disparate is an amazing accomplishment.


Coming to the juice of the matter, We almost guessed: the dead man is Wes. It was given the most eligible candidates under the bed sheet, but that did not diminish the surprise (and the shock) of hostile environment before disfigured. Obviously, for a question I answered a dozen more will arise all sudden ’: What leaves us dismayed at the end of episode, indeed, It's not so much that Wes is dead, as the dynamics of ’ accident. All ’ the beginning of the episode the Director has intentionally stressed the vodka bottle left open near the fireplace, suggesting viewers l ’ hypothesis of a tragic accident at home Keating, but it wasn't like that: When Nate enters (to do what?) the focus is off, and observing the fateful scene (designed to capture every detail) It is clear that this is not a sudden fire all ’, but a ’ explosion. If we add to this the fact that Wes was already dead, one has to wonder who l ’ killed and tried to hide the thing: the Mahoney, to take revenge of his (false) testimony? But why do it right there, Home of Annalise? Another suspect that takes shape is the involvement of Connor: ’ is the only one not to cry when the boys discover the death of Wes, on the contrary, has a strange expression ’, almost ambiguous; and let us not forget that during the third season his hatred for Wes, considered ordinary cause of all her problems, did nothing but increase, neither he has never bothered to make mystery, on the contrary. But who is able to premeditate a killing and a show of this type? Hard to believe.


Meanwhile, We are witnessing the freefall of Annalise: many times we saw her come ’ hit and get up again, but to discover that the Prosecutor is investigating her and that, Evidently, He also found something, sells permanently. Takes you back form the classic self-destructive, made of tears, alcohol and humiliation, This time leads from Bonnie, his eternal enemy-friend. The relationship between the two has always been very complicated, with fuzzy boundaries between the maternal feeling and dependency from ’ other ’ a l; the kiss that Exchange, such as confirmed also from Viola Davis, seems to have a sexual connotation, not so much the more intimate and profound; is loneliness and abandonment, to quote Viola, and maybe ’ marks the beginning of a new phase in their relationship, a phase that you leave permanently behind the conflicts of the past to unite them more than ever.

Returning to the main events of ’ episode, Despite the perennial expression destroyed by Annalise in cell, I can't help but think I have anyway a plan in mind. Maybe a backup plan, Maybe a plan that processes at the last moment when the troubles are made, but it cannot be really at the mercy of the cops. L ’ help which asks Oliver (poor innocent soul always in the Middle) It is significant, as well as having called together the Keating Five: probably c ’ was some unforeseen, but I doubt that everything is simply put back on the case.

It was a successful episode, with elements of thriller, of suspense, of emotion and surprise; couldn't ask for anything better from a mid-season finale, and the second half of the season promises to be equally appealing, There are many questions that still await response.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – Goodbye, Wes, teaches the angels to make whiny face

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