How To Get Away With Murder – 3×10 We're Bad People – Review by S.

After the great winter finale, We revealed the identity of the dead during the fire (HI HI Wes), Murder Returns with an episode less shocking for content but not for the surrender of its actors.

We find, indeed, a Viola Davis fresh from victory at the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards and oscar nominations for Fences, and also here is definitely not less: the focus of the episode, this time, It wasn't the double plays and the mysterious murders as psychological trauma facing Annalise entering prison. See her arrested there had upset that much, Neither she had left particularly intimidated: but once in jail, everything changes, It is the beginning of a new phase from which there is no turning back. And Murder doesn't just make her say, Maybe during an interview with Bonnie, that there life is really tough, Murder tells us about harsh reality of life in jail, without speeches about maximum systems but by addressing the concrete things which are, in background, What fills the life: such as, for example, get used to pee in the cell. The topic has been treated almost for all 40 minutes of the episode, because countless are the thoughts that we see unfolding in the minds of Annalise: first refusal, observing the cell, After the struggle to resist, still convinced that there is another chance, and finally, encouraged by her neighbor to bed, the yield, followed by a sense of humiliation as you view. It wasn't time wasted for a useless argument, Although it may seem that at a superficial glance: in this episode Murder gave a lesson in filmmaking and storytelling, telling us the truth more concrete but without falling into boring realism that afflicts hopelessly homegrown television productions, you have so much to tell the reality ending though to look only suburban school plays.

Also found another great certainty in this series, namely Laurel talking nonsense, always coming to conclusions: the trauma of being almost died in a fire does not justify his obtuseness, always convinced it is to know the truth without ever having all the information you need. Now he decided that all the blame is Frank, to be forever the scapegoat for anything, but the question that keeps me up at night is: How can you love Wes over Frank? With all the goodwill and also taking in mind all the crimes of which Dolphin is guilty, I can't just do.

The Remember Wes keeping us company for the entire episode, While each of the Keating Five (None of which she could bear it) recalls with melancholy time spent with Waiting List. We still don't know who was behind his death, but it is already clear that the matter is not as simple as it may appear: the final confession of Frank seems more a way to atone for their sins than a true admission of guilt, and that annoying da certainly hides several things (since involvement of the sister of Sam Keating).

After the long winter break, Murder takes us into his world with delicacy, without too traumatic events, but at the same time with a stinging narrative that cannot leave us indifferent; further evidence of the great value of this series.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Give Viola Davis any prize

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