How To Get Away With Murder – 3×11 Not Everything's About Annalise – Review by S.

Annalise's arrest was only the beginning of his fall: After two seasons in which we have seen handle it with impunity at every opportunity, This time is going to bottom, more and more.

If at first some people thought that the experience behind bars by Annalise to be resolved in a short and picturesque parentheses, must now think again: We expect many other scenes in this setting, and if they are all on the level of those views so far, can't complain. This week Annalise, like us, stopped reject reality and has finally accepted his fate and the circumstances in which he finds himself: once again, symbolizing the awareness was a sad scene and raw; even do it on purpose, It was again of her hair, of which released in a motorcycle with wrath and despair, that was abandoned after yet another failure of Bonnie to get her out of there. What is it for, ormai, try to keep the look he had in “true life”? Now his real life is another, made of cells and showers, quarrels with detainees and small arms to hide the guards: might as well get completely into the role, abandon all resistance and start living it. The outward appearance, come sempre, reflects the inner change, and the performance by Viola Davis could only give us another heartwarming and unforgettable scenes in this series.

Meanwhile investigations are continuing a little’ a caso: the police did nothing for two years and now suddenly has tons of evidence and material, However, detectives have no luck in finding out who killed Wes, just sitting there waiting for someone to provide evidence. And we think Frank, that they are so idiots to believe, but he really puts it all to take the blame instead of Annalise, much that is finally able to get arrested; scant comfort, Why accuse me of being an accomplice of Keating, not that he acted alone out of jealousy towards Laurel, and this complicates things further.

I Keating Five (where we can say that Oliver has taken the place of Wes, so we don't even have to change nickname) slowly falling to pieces, as their mentor, Despite strenuous attempts to Michaela to keep control of the situation. Oliver is elegantly threatened to keep for themselves what he found out about the death of Sam, and the anguish that evidence leads him to come close to Connor: purtroppo, as much as I like them again together, the assumption is that more wrong that there could be. First held them together the need for Connor to have something nice and normal in their lives, and as we saw couldn't last long; now the roles are reversed, but I doubt that the outcome will change.

The usual flash forward proceed slower than usual, and we still don't have a clear idea of what happened to Wes after the chat with Frank: What is certain is that Bonnie knows more than what he says (a novelty!), and it wouldn't surprise me that he was in some way involved, also because we must not forget that the clue Prince into the hands of the police is the body of Rebecca, and it was she who smother. With these premises, I hope you come soon some revelation or at least things will revive a bit, allowing our protagonists to resume the reins of their own destiny rather than being passively subjected to events. Also because, Let us remember, more serious is the fall and the greater the lift.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – We hope that Laurel may soon get a shampoo

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