How To Get Away With Murder – 3×12 Go Cry Somewhere Else – Review by S.

Finally back a little’ of pace in episodes of Murder: After the destructive spiral of Annalise in prison and the failure of all attempts to repair the situation, you begin to glimpse a ray.

The ascent by Annalise takes place in parallel on two different tracks: da un lato, as has happened on other occasions, you reach the tipping point thanks to mother (the always immense Cicely Tyson) and direct confrontation with his father; is to help Ophelia, now suffering from senile dementia, that finds the will to succeed Annalise, to get out of jail, not for herself but for not hurting the mother. Dall’altro lato, the defensive line of Bonnie finally starts to give some fruit: After an ongoing series of garbage and bans, We come to find out that you have lost the body of Wes (a small detail, right) and if that doesn't shout “plot!” I don't know what might get it; and when Justin do you beat by intelligently cellmate, is the straw that breaks the camel's back: the judge can no longer remain indifferent. Annalise comes out, then, on bail, and this marks his comeback in games: During his time in prison was not the mastermind behind the scenes that we expected, It is simply abandoned to its fate, but now that phase is over. Annalise is back!

The disappearance of the body of Wes obviously raises a host of other questions, mainly because of the apparent involvement of Nate, that is certainly not the right tells all. The usual flashbacks proceed, If possible, more slowly than usual, I wonder how long it will take to find out what the hell happened that night, or at least to have some clue in addition. Investigative plan things worsen for Oliver, now there is knee-deep in it like everyone else, But what seemed the weakest link and protect holds head to the police without a shot being fired; rest, We learned that Oliver has many secret weapons, and in fact he displays a copy of the contents of the phone by Annalise: Finally also the Keating Five make it a first step toward solving the mystery (but said that earlier, do not?).

Things evolve not only in terms of investigations but also on the emotional: We attend the function in memory of Wes and the mourning process of Laurel; just out of the hospital, poor Castillo does not miss anything: hysterics at the funeral, search for answers in an interview with Frank, surrender to despair in the apartment of Wes… eppure, Despite being on these conditions, Unable to take care of the situation and forces the Keating Five in focus, Enterprise in which had failed even Michaela: seem more or less agreed that Frank is innocent and Annalise has been stuck, which means only one thing: must find the killer.

The episode finds that pace and suspense that lacked lately, not to bad storytelling but simply to make room for other emotions that were rightly explore; over the period of self-pity, but, sharing of great career, and the second half of the season seems ready to fulfill all our expectations.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – I also wish barefeet as Laurel

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