How To Get Away With Murder – 3×13 It's War – Review by S.

With Annalise finally free (più o meno) reflect the power games and intrigues to see who can get away with it, and I must say that the last few minutes of the episode have found that pace and suspense that lately in short supply.

In fact, and I realize only now, the second half of the season was a tad dragged onto itself; standing was held due to the fabulous performance by Viola Davis, Maybe I was distracted from the rest, because we are a week after the final and I even thought about, It is not normal. Usually, a week after the finale we all rosi anxiety and the hashtag of time trying to devise theories, Here, however, time has passed without anything special we turned.

But Murder He found his enamel just in time, and after a brief moment when nothing happens, Annalise decides to threaten all the Prosecutor's Office and also to denounce their incompetence to the grand jury. The thing doesn't lead to anything concrete, If a threat at least absurd of death penalty, but at least starts to move things in view of the Frank and Annalise. After four episodes Bonnie, by profession a lawyer, has taken out a spider hole, Here comes Frank, with the same legal competency of my cat, and conquer all over the Court, convincing any judge and the whole process falls apart. We don't care who is truthful, We are interested that the cursed Atwood is cornered! There goes temporarily to middle Nate, who has the sole guilt for being sexual desire of all those who meet him, but by now it should be used to it and somehow get off. Now that all the evidence against them are challenged, our really have a real opportunity to turn the situation in their favor, and whereas missing just two hours with final agrees that give a move.

Finally, two other revelations serve to disrupt the cards on the table: the first is that the identity of the unnamed source of the police, none other than the President Hargrove; Nice like a kick in the belly from start to finish. And, last but not least, the traditional final flashback there has, unexpectedly, upset. The impatience of Connor towards Annalise has always been very evident, but who would have thought that there was something behind, If not his usual aggravation for everything that happened? But suddenly their Connor, pretty much the only one of the Keating Five be sympathetic, has an alibi for the night that Wes was killed; not only, It was even in the House before the fire trying to resuscitate Keating! We must infer that he is the person that Laurel saw escape the basement (sure confuse Connor with Frank…)? Because he never said to have been there (and, then, being almost dead?)? What are you hiding, Connor?? The fact that Mahoney have discovered that Wes was son of their Patriarch pointed clearly to them as guilty, but at this point it would seem a choice a while’ too obvious. D’altro canto, my mind cannot conceive that Connor or another of the Group may have some fault. I need to know!!

After a few episodes undertone, This week we had nothing to complain; We got what we are used to, that is great acting and unexpected plot twists that, as far as imponderable or unrealistic, they are exactly what we expect from Murder.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – But how many wigs has Annalise?

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