How To Get Away With Murder – 3×14 He Made A Terrible Mistake / 3×15 Wes (Season Finale) – Review by S.

Everything had worked perfectly in recent episodes is largely forgotten and forgiven in the light of this season finale: unexpected plot plain, all concentrated in a few minutes, report immediately Murder its initial glories.

One of the key elements of a good yellow you discover that the culprit is a character known from the start but never really impressed by suspects. Murder he perfectly developed this concept on two floors at the same time: da un lato, the revelation of who was really behind the attempt to frame at all costs, Annalise, and on the other the discovery of who killed Wes. The two storyline, who until last week seemed to be one and the same plot, they slowly took different tracks while remaining constantly intertwined and, clue after clue, the full picture took shape.

It turns out, then, There aren't any Mahoney (actually the most obvious suspects) behind the crusade to make sink Annalise; the creator of all is the Attorney Denver, Since the Sinclair, and with an entire corrupt police station was really close to the succeed in doing. The only way to combat it is very sad but also very effective: Annalise laid all the blame on Wes, that after years of crime and secret concatenated to keep hidden the first murder gets stuck alone with just one voicemail, giving everyone else the perfect alibi. It's not cute that her memory be tarnished in this way (which is very well emphasised by the contrast between the false tale of Annalise crimes committed by his student and images of its slow and wrongful death), but it's the perfect way (even narratively) to release everyone else from a story that was likely the involution on itself, precluding any escape route.

In doing so, instead, While Annalise condemns Wes for all crimes, the death of Sam than Rebecca up to house fire, poor Wes is done out at the hands of a mysterious killer hired by none other than by Mr. Castillo. But who would never come? Tell me that you too have been caught off guard! The plot is really perfect: the culprit was already a long time in our orbit, in which it moved though from absolute unsuspected, a character in the background to which no one paid any attention. E invece, nothing was by chance! The fact that he is the instigator of the murder of Wes seems to unleash suddenly the plot by his own chains: da un lato, it becomes evident (as already suspected from the encounter between Marion and Sylvia) that the position of Mahoney is not the one who always believed Annalise: “you're wrong on so much”, just this sentence to break all the assumptions of the last season. Reopen, then, This chapter that seemed already closed, and at the same time we introduce all a new world, that of the Castillo: connecting perfectly with textures already in progress, resulting from the events of the first season, Peter Nowalk laid the seeds for all new storyline. You exit the comfort zone by Annalise and his small circle, expand your horizons, and these are the best conditions for a fourth season, that otherwise would have been just a sterile repetition of past events.

The beautiful script was completed with excellent performance of the cast: If with Annalise aloof the others seem to lose some’ of their verve, When she falls into action they also found security. Is Viola Davis (that a few hours ago he completed the awards season with an Oscar for Fences) take the whole cast (What has been good in that final confession to Alcoholics Anonymous?), with his leadership no one misses a shot making this final addictive in everyway. For example,, We want to talk about the scenes of Jack Falahee? I think I have given the best of themselves, more than in any other scene passed, for any two hours; It was obvious he didn't kill Wes, It is only found in the wrong place at the wrong time, and seemed to almost touch the guilt that I wore on in. None more than Connor suffered for what happened, his swaggering air lurked in fact the personality more fragile, and after months in which we heard accuse Annalise and anyone else, has not succumbed to a moment to blackmail and the oppression of Denver. I love this man! Congratulations are in order for Karla Souza, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry and Conrad Ricamora: by revenge mingled with suspicion, the realization of being in love with fear of losing someone important, all gave poignant scenes, perfectly credible and engaging.

The ending I was amply satisfied, especially in the face of a second half of the season less than brilliant and exciting than usual. The authors were able to give new life to the series, closing some chapter and at the same time introducing new ones, ending the season in his typical style: for a response date, ten more questions arise. In Conclusion, What more can you ask for?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥♥ – Viola Davis world leader!!

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