How To Get Away With Murder, il trailer della seconda stagione – News


Two weeks after the première, l ’ ABC has released the promo for the highly anticipated second season of ’ How To Get Away With Murder, last season's revelation series television.

The promo, which you can see below, confirms what previously mentioned in numerous interviews with songwriters and producers that have accompanied us during the summer waiting ’: in the first episode will be revealed the identity of the killer ’ ’ by Rebecca, mystery that then does not constitute the backbone of the season as it was last year with ’ to Lila. The logical consequence is to further increase the’waiting, a tactic that Murder He always used very well: What will be the primary storyline of the season? So we must expect? Certain, There are many points remained obscure after the final (for one, those Egg 911?), but the plot will be based not exclusively on the aftermath of the first season.

The new season will kick off at 24 September, with the appointment of fixed ’ Shonda Night: a Thursday evening in the company of How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. If l ’ year the Shonda Thursday was a safe bet, now it is certainly among the most anticipated events of the television schedule, without a doubt the jewel of ABC ’, as evidenced by the ’ intense and successful advertising campaign airing in this period.

In Conclusion, Finally the waiting is almost over ’; We do not see the ’ now, are you ready for the TGIT?


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