How to Get Away With Murder – Season 4 – Part 1 – Review by S.

It seems strange and yet it's been three years since Justin Keating appeared on our screens; the first season of HTGAWM It was a great revelation, the second confirmation, the third was the trait-d'union between early college-style drama and what we see now in season four, that is an adult legal drama for all purposes. At least the intent.

The intention, indeed, is good and admirable, but in practice something doesn't seem to work: always the adolescent or series devoted to the University life have difficulty coping with the inevitable changes in the lives of the protagonists (the end of high school, transfers, the first works and so on), you do not even need to cite examples, and it is equally clear that Murder could not repeat ad infinitum the narrative pattern of the first season, But why hurry up? The imprint from adult crime/legal series is a little’ forced: Moreover, the protagonists are still in college, and also place Michaela in a mega studio doesn't need much to let us forget, on the contrary, makes things even less credible; Okay an internship, but let's not exaggerate, It wouldn't make sense even if it were set at Harvard Law School.

Despite these niggles in the setting, other aspects of the series we must pay tribute; first l’character evolution, starting from Asher and ending with that of Michaela, that looks set to have a major role in the events of this year; even the new storyline is not bad, I'm glad there's a murder mystery to be solved but everything is more focused on revenge, about how to destroy Laurel's father. At the same time the series doesn't betray herself and doesn't forget its distinctive features, that is, those that have made it a fan-favorite; and so we find the usual flashforward, the usual suspense to see who dies, how and why. A season with a final touch of newness we think the new (and strange) relationships between the characters: Annalise has severed relations with all, and its students range from the sense of freedom and loss; Bonnie instead fluctuates only toward the blind fury, but we know that things are bound to change soon; the only one who hasn't changed too much is Frank, always in search of forgiveness by Annalise, Although his means are more meatballs and admission test and less dead bodies made to disappear. The balance of the group have been broken and must be rebuilt, will take new forms and that's a good thing to avoid the risk of monotony of personal storyline.

But to save again the whole shebang is always her, the real backbone of the series: Viola Davis; might have one scene in the episode and it would still be able to change the fate. We met Justin at the peak of his career, full of power and safety, We saw her fall and now we are witnessing the slow (and tiring) ski lifts. Certainly not the arrogance will never fail, but the moments of fragility have always been those in which gives her best (Since that first scene without wig) and seeing her struggle to regain their dignity after losing everything is sufficient to continue to make me watch the series. Annalise tries to reassert itself as a person through what he does best, that is, work, be a lawyer; and not a lawyer any, but an unscrupulous and a little’ bad. She justifies her attitude with the fact that, by coincidence, what he is good at times coincide with the interests of the weakest and most deprived, In short, two birds with one stone. But it is just another mechanism to give vent to his inner conflicts now that it can no longer indulge in alcohol, and in this context to shoulder and from enemy there is a new entry, the psychologist Isaac. Starring Jimmy Smits (N.Y.P. D., Dexter, Sons of Anarchy), for now holds head to Annalise, helped in part by the position of authority that covers and the fact that, within certain limits, you are obligated to follow his advice. We arrived only on the third episode and the two have already discussed heatedly, made up and discussed again, so I'd say this is definitely the novelty that most intrigues me.

We can then get comfy and watch the attempt of the perennial pout Laurel to annihilate his father and nail him to the death of Wes, waiting to find out which mysterious plot will lead to new tragedies (presumably the child's death that Laurel awaits from Wes). We have some standard ingredients (murders, Flashforward, power games) and some small news (sometimes positive, sometimes less), but after three good season Murder has earned our confidence and it's fair to give the series a chance. If only to see beautiful clothes by Annalise.

Rate the first three episodes: ♥♥ ½ – We can sign a petition to ask Connor to make grow a beard?

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