I 20 best moments of Cristina Yang – by R. and S.


Cristina Yang. Cynical, ambitious, sarcastic. Presented as a character able to arouse antipathy, but proved un'antipatica we learned immediately to worship. The best friend that every one would like to have at his side, able to make you smile even when you discover that your he is married; the companion who does not abandon you even in the darkest crisis, including an attempt to strangulation; the doctor who knows repair the Black Mamba. In 10 years we have witnessed the growth of graduate super competitive at heart surgeon exceptional, between love, dramas and many laughs we have learned even in the most unexpected. We have already had occasion to comment on his departure from the scene, so now retrace our best moments of a character who has joined in a perfect way the actual protagonist and who taught us to the last to never betray ourselves.

– dancing it out con Meredith (during all ten seasons)

– Burke brings coffee: “Just coffee” (1×05)



– complete with a déjà vu effect last season (10×22)



– il primo you’re my person: “I put your name down [as an emergency contact person], that’s why I told you I’m pregnant. You’re my person” (2×01)



– the definition of “my person” (3×16)



– Meredith returns from life threatening (3×17)



– “Mama took my eyebrows” (3×25)



– Meredith off the wedding dress to Christina Burke after he abandoned at the altar (3×25)



– sings “Like a Virgin” (Lexie) (4×14)


– the first kiss with Owen (5×02)



– the first date with Owen (5×12)



– Gary Clark pointing a gun while in operation Derek and Meredith's plea not to stop (6×24)



– marriage with Owen: “I’m not wearing white: it’s sexist and vaguely racist” (7×01)



– “Oh, screw beautiful. I’m brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain” (7×17)



– the baseball game against the Seattle Presbyterian (8×07)



– trauma after plane crash: “I only have one shoe” (8×24)


– slowly, with Owen, begins to overcome the trauma of the incident plane: “I can’t get out” (9×02)



– “I’m laughing, just not externally” (9×03)



– drunk, calls in the night his mother to ask her the name of the ornaments of the windows (10×14)



– goodbye to Meredith (10×24)

Help us to pay tribute to a great man: what is your favorite moment Cristina?


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