I 36 best moments of True Blood – Part 1 – by S.


True Blood ended and left us to face the fall without the hope of reviewing vampires of Louisiana next summer; to console us and grieve, What's better than a roundup of the most unforgettable moments lived in Bon Temps? Since this is True Blood, “unforgettable” includes a spectrum of scenes ranging from the ridiculous to the disgusting to the absurd, but then, that was nice!

Note: the episodes are not intentionally cited in chronological order, so reading don't you know what you are getting! I'm not even in order of preference because, like every Truebie sa, choose it would be impossible.

36) The first memory can only be the moment where it all began, the meeting between Sookie and Bill at Merlotte's: a telepathic waitress for the first time meet someone I can't read your thoughts, the rest is history (1×01)

35) in a show that he has sex one of its pillars, This scene is crucial; It is also a little’ disturbing, Since Bill comes out suddenly from the grave by grabbing Sookie for her ankle and leave quietly go into a graveyard (1×08)

34) Chapter “Fellowship of the Sun” has reserved several funny moments, But how can we forget the advances of Sarah to a stunned Jason in the bathtub?! (2×05)

33) Eric has many flaws, but you can't say that is not related to the family: much to punish Russell Edgington seducing Talbott and killing him, We say, When you least expect (3×08)


32) Another advantage of Eric is to be extremely funny drunk (4×03)

31) If at the beginning Bill seemed the perfect vampire in love with Sookie, We soon met other sides of his personality; for example when he drank the blood of Lilith, becoming the God Billith (5×12)

30) Pam NEVER wears sweatsuits! (5×01)

29) Okay sex, but Maryann maybe has a little’ exaggerated: never trust the Maenads! (2×04)

28) and in fact is punished dying pierced by Sam in the form of Bull (2×12)


27) Bill is an environmentally friendly vampire: “We recycle in this house” (2×01)


26) in his spare time Eric rips Mandibles to the Japanese (7×05)


25) Moreover Bill off the head of Governor Burrell with bare hands (6×06)


Already feel the nostalgia?! What other episode remember particularly? Let us know in a comment and we'll enter in the second part!


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