I 36 best moments of True Blood – Part 2 – by S.


After the publication of the first part, continuing our roundup of the most iconic moments of True Blood; the selection becomes more and more difficult, that unlikely scene this time will win the day?!

24) “Maybe I wear too much pink” (3×01)


23) Godric's death, sacrifice (secondo lui) He should inspire peaceful coexistence between vampires and humans (2×09)


22) stylette hysterical Murder: who else but Sarah Newlin? (6×08)


21) Sam and Bill, one of the most famous gay scenes EVER


20) Hoyt suffers so much for Jessica's betrayal by asking her to erase every memory of her from his mind (5×10)


19) Faeries are lame! (3×10)


18) Sookie in Nightgown runs from Bill for their first night together, again virtually identical scene in ’ last season (1×06 – 7×07)


17) Eric exposed that catches fire (6×10)


16) Arlene and Terry were delighted and quietly for five minutes, no more because he had already ordered his murder (6×06)


15) “The release you” *tears * (5×04)


14) Russell Edgington and cardiothoracic surgery live tv (3×09)


13) I could have cried for the death of Nora (6×07)


Bonus: at the request of readers, the peculiar embrace of Eric and Ginger


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